The transformative potential of real-time transportation coordination

Real time transportation coordination plays an important role in case of transportation safety, sales tracking, Employee safety, time saving , child safety .

  1. Trakom software takes an important step in that direction. As the logo signifies, Trakom offers school bus tracking functionality along with smart communication feature and RFID tracking for students. While ensuring all-round student security, it also effectively bridges the communication gap between parents, mentors & students.
  2. One of the greatest challenges faced by most companies today is efficient tracking and effective management of their sales team. As they are always on the move, it becomes quite difficult to keep a track of their work & their location. Asti Infotech’s IMPRINT is a comprehensive sales force tracking solution, which can be used by managers to constantly monitor their sales executives in real time. It can greatly help in improving productivity & boosting performance at a very low cost. Imprint is amongst the top sales force management solutions in the market, as it is available as a mobile app along with web app. Sales force GPS tracking web app has been developed for the use of managers while the mobile app is for the sales agents. Both applications are interlinked so that the managers as well as agents get timely notifications about any new updates.
  3. Fleet management system or transportation tracking software is a multifunctional platform that helps you manage the functionalities of buses, trucks, and taxis in a single dashboard. The multiple tasks which Asti Infotech’s transportation tracking system can successfully accomplish are driver management, safety management, vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, and route planning.

Our vehicle tracking system ensures:

a) Real-time vehicle tracking

b) Timely alerts for over-speeding or route deviations

c) Secure commute and prompt notifications

d) Enhanced productivity and efficiency

e) Reduction in operational and fuel costs

f) Customized reports and analytics for future enhancements