Some percentage of trump voters (perhaps even a very large percentage) voted because of race…
Perry Bessas

But to persuade them, I think we have to educate them. I think that is a tough sell in a country where so many believe education is the enemy.

I think we have to stress that hard work is an American value, and that hard work doesn’t just apply to sweating on a blue collar job. We have an obligation as citizens to truly become informed voters. Not just to watch the news or political commercials, but to read up on what the tax plans are, and what the economists on both sides say will happen if they are implemented. What the scientists say about the climate change positions. What the legal experts think of the new laws they’re suggesting.

A whole lot of people seemed to think one guy saying, “I’ll fix it, trust me,” is enough, and that worries me. And the very same people find professors untrustworthy merely because they put in the hard work to experts? This is very troubling. How can we be this cynical and this gullible all at once?

I think a lot of these people voted for Pres. Obama because “Yes We Can” resonated with them. I worry that we just lucked out in 2008 that they happened to be right.