Medical Clinic — What Medicines Are Used to Treat Cancer Pain?

Most of the cancer patients face different types of pains depending on the severity of the disease. Oncologists undertake various pain relieving treatments after diagnosing the cause of such pains. In a popular medical center South Plainfield, patients are given pain relieving medicines to suppress extreme pain that sometimes become unbearable.

Necessity of Pain Management for Cancer Patients

Cancer pain can affect daily activities of a patient. He or she may have trouble in sleeping and eating normally. It may bring frustration, depression, sadness, and anger. Family and friends may not understand why the patient is behaving so differently, which may bring loneliness in his or her life.

Pain in cancer is quite normal, but patients can’t accept such pains as that spoil their normal activities. In modern treatment procedures, oncologists use medicines which can control most cancer related pains quite efficiently.

Types of Pain in Cancer Patients

A Cancer patient gets following types of pains

· Acute Pains — These types of pains appear all of a sudden and stay for a short span of time. These types of pains symbolize some newer types of injuries in the body.

· Chronic Pains — These are long persisting pains and generally don’t go away without treatment.

· Pain from the Treatment Procedures — In some treatment procedures like while undertaking any a pathological testing, after a surgery and during chemotherapy pain is quite normal.

Pain Medicines in Cancer Treatment

Medicines for pain management are categorized in two heads

· Opioid Medicines or Narcotics — These medicines are often used with other types of pain killers to heal mild to moderate pains in cancer. Once they were made from “Opium”, but now they are also produced synthetically in the laboratory. Some common opioids used in cancer treatment are Codeine, Levorphanol, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl, and many more.

· Non-Opioid and other Medicines — Most of the non-opioids drugs used in cancer related pains are used to relieve mild to severe pains. Some are available over the counter, while the other drugs are prescribed by the doctors after examining the severity and reason of the pains in cancer patients. Acetaminophen, and Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Ketorolac, naproxen, belong to this category.

In a medical center Middlesex cancer patients are administered with right pain relievers in right doses to help the cancer patients lead a normal life.