Must Do Tips After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How it works?

Roots of our hair has hair follicle which help our hair to grow, when these follicles are destroyed by applying excessive heat called laser rays, the growth of our hair permanently terminate. This technique is usually applied to remove body hairs permanently.

Post Laser Care Tips

Removal of hair follicle leave the pores open which could easily be reached by any outer agent like bacteria, fungus, UV rays and thus our skin may get inflammation, swelling,pigmentation, etc., which takes time to heal up. Find some tips which you can follow to keep your skin safe from any harmful agent.

1. Mint Therapy vs Chemicals

It is very obvious in post laser period that you may feel redness in the laser treated area, some physician will suggest you to use chemicals which will relieve you from this discomfort, but it is always good to find a natural alternative to chemicals when it comes to your facial skin especially. Mint has been considered as very effective herb in healing process. Make a thick paste of its leaves and apply directly on the treated area, it will heal your skin without side effect which could be possible in case of a chemical lotion. If discomfort level is high you can call or directly walk in to Laser Hair Removal Bayonne to discuss the matter.

2. Remove Extra Oil From Skin

Sebaceous glands under hair follicles may cause acne by concentrating oil on the skin, these acne or blister would be uncomfortable and makes your skin looks very bad. Try to keep the surface clean and wash it regularly to avoid oil accumulation.

3. Keep the Area Moisturized

Remember there is a huge difference between moist and oily. It is not necessary that your moisturizer always contains oil. There are water based moisturizer available in the market, you can use them pretty well. Aloe-Vera is a very good example of natural moisturizer but you should not walk in to the sun after applying it because it will cause pigmentation to your recently treated skin. When your skin is moist you will not suffer through itchiness.

4. Avoid Sun-rays

After laser your skin is very delicate and need to be cared properly. Sun rays are harmful even to non treated skin so its always suggested to use sunscreen and cover your face with a cloth, keep umbrella in your bag always. If possible use natural sunscreens like coconut oil. Preventing your skin from direct sun light as it may cause pigmentation. If you still find that your skin is getting pigmentation you should reach at Laser Hair Removal Jersey City. Pigmentation should not be ignored as it could leave its permanent effect to your skin.

5. Prevent Your Skin From Swelling

If your skin is swelled up post treatment, contact your doctor or treat it with ice-cubes which will minimize the blood flow towards it and thus swelling could be abolished.