Emotions have weight
Chris Nietupski


Thank you for writing this piece and sharing it. I found it on Reddit, and was so glad to have found it. Your experience is something that is not all too heard of — 3 million men have this disorder and yet women are usually the poster children for ED’s. That does not change the validity of the hardships anyone managing this disorder faces, however.

You encouraged me to start sharing more and more of my own experience. I’ve been building up a community among a few of my close friends for support. My sister knows. My dad is a bit like your dad, however. (I don’t know what to make of it, but I cannot be mad at someone who most likely doesn’t understand or begin to know where to understand.) I’ve been incorporating my thoughts about BED in my poetry, and the more I do it the less scared of it I become. Maybe writing can help shoo it away once in a while.

Keep writing, sharing, and learning; thank you again.

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