Announcing: Astro Gallery Marketplace, the NFT marketplace on Solana

Astro Babies are about to land on Planet Solana. Our Mission is to manifest the vision of a Metaverse furthering the Adoption of the Solana ecosystem.

Astro Gallery Marketplace is one of two parallels in the Astro Club, consisting of a Metaverse being built on the Solana blockchain. Astro Gallery will operate along side Astro Casino, the second half of the Astro Club Metaverse.

Astro Astro Gallery will be a community driven, decentralized NFT marketplace built for the future of discovering, developing, and owning NFT’s. NFT creators will be able to offer prime content and market their art.

Astro Gallery Marketplace will be unique to traditional NFT Marketplace’s, as the front end website will act as a portal to the Metaverse Gallery. User’s will be able to Buy, Sell and Auction Solana NFT’s on the Website, but only those holding an Astro Babies NFT will be able to enter the Astro Gallery Metaverse to participate in Exclusive events and content. For now, we will discuss the development of the initial front end website.

We are currently developing the initial marketplace website version. We are working with the UX/UI team on the platform interfaces. We want it to be intuitive and user-friendly. At the moment, you can see the light-mode example from the website.

At first glance, Astro Gallery stands out as an NFT marketplace with low-cost minting, lower prices per transaction and faster speed. Although, a unique feature of the Astro Gallery will be the Launchpad Platform. In the next set of Devlog’s, the Launchpad will be discussed in further detail. For now, let’s have a look at what Astro Gallery Marketplace will allow people to do:

● Users will be able to create their own NFTs, market and sell on the marketplace.

● Users will be able to create NFT’s singular, or as a collection of any amount.

● Buyers will be able to purchase NFT’s with $Sol or $ABB ASTRO Token in marketplace.

● Users will be able to view and edit all created/owned NFT’s.

● Users will be ensured the highest security and reliability of all transactions on the Solana Blockchain Network.


In explore, you will find the different collections, sorted by popularity. The operation is very similar to traditional Marketplace’s, which launch collections from artists, but with the difference that users will also be able to publish their NFT.

Compatible Wallets

Currently, Astro Gallery will be compatible with Phantom, although it is very likely that in the future we will consider using other wallets.

(do you think we should add more wallets? tell us which one in the comments.)

If you have Phantom wallet, you will click on “Connect” at the top right, confirm in your wallet. Once confirmed, you can start buying/selling NFT’s, as well as view your wallet collection.

In case you use another wallet for the Solana network, our recommendation is to create a Phantom wallet, as it is the simplest and most intuitive option.

Why Solana was Chosen?

Solana was chosen because of the platform’s high speed/low cost of transactions. Other NTF and Web3 applications have also been built on Solana for the same reason.

NFT’s have been instrumental in Solana’s rise, as the network has reached an all-time high due to the secondary sale of NFTs. With the network congestion on Ethereum leading to higher fees, we are opting for Solana as it has lower entry barriers.


The Astro Gallery NFT marketplace will evolve over time based on community feedback to support new integrations.

As you can see, we have quite a few basic functions. However, this is definitely not the end of it. We have much in mind both regarding the platform features, add-on utilities and programs to serve a wider public good. In the next article, stay tuned for the Detailed Breakdown of the Astro Gallery Launchpad. Our plans so far will be pointed out and discussed starting in the next Devlog.

let us know in the comments what else you would like to find in our NFT Marketplace.




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