As many of you know, today @ 6pm EST was the planned release of the BETA version of AstroZero, the NFT Marketplace with zero gas fees and the smallest service fees in the market.

Unfortunately, we won’t be releasing the BETA version.

Now now, before panicking… here’s a video PROVING…

Welcome Space Cadets to AstroElon aka $ELONONE.

Built in response to a recent surge in scams and rugs, we’re here to restore faith into the crypto community by launching a SAFE trip to the moon, Mars, outer-space and beyond.

Stealth launched at $15k with bootstrapped funds on Uniswap. Liquidity is locked for 100 years, using (by TrustSwap).

We have more on the roadmap than the average meme coin, including an AstroElon Space Cadet game, a meme NFT marketplace, charity giveaways and more.

Climb aboard the $ELONONE rocket and strap in for a safe ride.

Signed: Commander-in-Chief

Astro Elon

The SAFU, continuous, deflationary, HODLer-rewarding ERC-20 Protocol. Building the #spacecadets community, meme NFT Marketplace, Space Cadets game & more

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