Metal in Minnesota: Perforated Metals Bring a Community Together

Ask any Minnesotan and they will probably tell you that summer is synonymous with road construction. One good way to avoid all of the hassle is to take public transportation. And if you’re traveling from the northern suburbs to downtown Minneapolis, one of your best options is to use the Metro Transit Park & Ride at 610 and Noble Parkway.

Built a couple of years ago, the parking enclosure offers commuters a place to take shelter from the elements while waiting for their bus, as well, a safe place to park their vehicle while they make the commute downtown. Designed by Julie Snow Architects and built by Knutson Construction, the facility accommodates 1,000 cars, which significantly reduces the congestion between Brooklyn Park and downtown. On any given Monday through Friday afternoon, you will find hundreds of commuters hustling and bustling their way home after a long day of work.

The parking ramp building itself is green-powered through solar energy and geothermal HVAC systems, and there are charging stations for electric vehicles available. The exterior of the building is encased by structural metal panels with a very distinct design, and the perforation pattern we created in the panels surrounding the external parking area was designed to match, bringing consistency and cohesiveness to the entire facility. We also incorporated these panels into a couple of windbreak structures which run along each side of the walkway leading up to the bus loading area.

This parking facility sits directly across the street from a vast expanse of athletic fields and community centers. Some of which are offering free meals this summer in partnership with Metro Transit and Second Harvest Heartland. All summer long, this program will provide nutritious, free-of-charge meals to children and young adults along many of their transit routes in order to address the hunger which sometimes accompanies summer vacation. Unfortunately, some kids, not having access to school lunches because of the break, will simply just go without. Metro Transit and Second Harvest are doing what they can to reduce this detrimental reality.

So the next time you find yourself around the vicinity of 610 and Noble on a random weekday, take a look at the beautiful community space that we’ve all pitched in to create, and maybe even hop on a bus downtown, just for fun.

Metal in Minnesota: highlights significant metal design and construction throughout the state. Projects are not necessarily designed or created by Astro Engineering and Manufacturing, just appreciated for their contribution to our state and our passion for beautiful metal work.