Toy Maker: An easy way for children to print toys (and learn 3D Printing) at home

Nov 9, 2017 · 3 min read
Toy Maker is a mobile app (for Android and iOS) that contains a repository of 3D Printable toys for children

A case study in 3D Printable content delivery

Most people are aware that AstroPrint is a robust cloud platform for managing and monitoring Desktop 3D Printer(s).

What many don’t realize is that AstroPrint is also a very efficient content delivery platform for 3D Printable content.

It is one of the best ways for designers and developers to reach Desktop 3D Printer owners around the world.

In fact, AstroPrint is PERFECT for content distribution.

AstroPrint’s content delivery infrastructure is a bit like Google Play, except, instead of smartphones, our focus is Desktop 3D Printers.

Anyone can use the AstroPrint API to reach thousands of Desktop 3D Printer owners worldwide.

The Toy maker app is a real world example of how content delivery can work on AstroPrint.

What is Toy Maker?

Toy Maker is an app full of free and premium 3D Printable toys for children. It uses the AstroPrint Cloud to slice, distribute, and start the print on your 3D Printer.

Get Toy Maker for Android or iOS

Toy Maker allows children to browse a collection of 3D Printable toys and print them with a few clicks using the AstroPrint® Cloud Platform.

The best way to experience Toy Maker is to download and play around with it.

It is available for FREE on both iOS and Android.

Instead of buying toys, you can 3D Print them at home while bonding with your child with Toy Maker.

Toy Maker is a great way to teach children about technology and 3D Printing while developing their creativity and imagination.

All toys contained in Toy Maker was exclusively designed by AstroPrint® and cannot be found elsewhere

Using AstroPrint to reach 3D Printer owners

Toy Maker is a real world example of how developers and designers can use AstroPrint to distribute content to Desktop 3D Printer owners

We also built Toy Maker as a reference app for developers and designers interested in plugging into a content distribution platform like AstroPrint to reach Desktop 3D Printer owners.

Who should consider using The AstroPrint Cloud for content delivery?

  • Developers interested in building utility/entertainment apps for 3D Printing
  • Designers making 3D Printable models wanting to reach 3D Printer owners
  • Anyone with existing content repositories that could be re-purposed for 3D Printing (like Disney, Mattel etc.)
  • Webmasters interested in integrating AstroPrint on their website for one click printing (see demo)

Those are some obvious examples of how you could use AstroPrint for content delivery.

The possibilities of how content could be delivered to 3D Printer owners on AstroPrint is ENDLESS and is only limited by the developers own imagination.

This was originally posted on the AstroPrint Blog by Dilanka.


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