The several types of astrology

Astrology, despite many times being taken for a “carnival science”, is actually an elaborate set of protocols, calculations and information.

Being a very complex area, it can be segmented into several categories, and the most used are the following:

  • Classical astrology: astrology is used as a tool for self-awareness and as means to calculate and antecipate certain trends and behavioural tendencies. It uses — or it may use — features from other specific types of astrology. In fact, virtually any other type of astrology is no more than the deepening of certain features of classical astrology.
  • Karmic astrology: a precious tool for those who believe in fate, reencarnation or the afterlife. This type of practice deepens the use specific, less used aspects and features of traditional astrology with the aim of providing information on the individual’s future, as well as its past.
  • Behavioural astrology: in this case, astrology is used strictly as a tool for self-awareness. A sort of mirror where you can see your strenghts and weeknesses and polish your own personality.
  • Medical astrology: an field of astrology in sheer development, specially in the area of psychology. Astrology is used as a tool to determine the patient’s weaker points, as well as the best therapies to apply. It is particularly useful in mental pathologies, as it can help to determine the origin of some specific traumas.
  • Interpersonal astrology: it can be used as a means to analyze the interaction among several individuals; it’s this type of astrology which uses the famous compatibility charts used mostly by loved ones, but it can prove itself a valuable resource as a commercial interaction analysis or a team building guide.
  • situational astrology: it is possible to obtain information about a certain place or situation through astrology. This area is particularly useful in case you open a new business, or when you are buying a new home, for instance.
  • world astrology: this last area of expertise analyzes large scale events — it is possible to forsee and antecipate certain events at a world scale and it is without doubt useful to do the opposite: learn about events of the past through the lens of astrology in order to prevent certain calamities from happening again.

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