Astrolab Raises $500K to Launch Next-Generation Omnichain Yield Aggregator

3 min readDec 9, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce our successful $500,000 pre-seed round with leading investors Apollo Capital, Jane Street, 0xVentures, and Upside DAO. The round was further supported by a number of select angel investors and crypto OGs who share our vision for the ever-evolving and promising omnichain future.

The Astrolab core team has been hard at work building the foundation of our groundbreaking cross-chain yield aggregator for months now. With this funding, Astrolab is now in a strong position to scale our operations, grow our team, and further accelerate our mission to provide the ultimate way for users to earn competitive yields across all major blockchains.

Apollo Capital, Australia’s leading cryptocurrency investment firm, led the pre-seed round to support Astolab’s next-generation yield aggregation protocol. David Angliss, an analyst at Apollo, excitedly highlighted the protocol’s capability to “earn some of the best yield in DeFi” by connecting users to the best strategies available at all times.

Astrolab is pushing the boundaries of DeFi by leveraging cutting-edge interoperability technologies like LayerZero and DeBridge, making yield aggregation and optimization easier and more efficient than ever. This novel technology enables us to route funds to the best farming strategies available within a single gas transaction. Plus, Astrolab abstracts away the complexity of cross-chain transactions, so that users can enjoy a much safer experience. As Angliss puts it, “It operates with lower risk for the user.”

Jane Street’s venture arm, now dealing with cryptocurrencies, also joined the round. With the proliferation of blockchains and growing complexity of DeFi protocols, it made perfect sense for them to invest in a protocol that is tackling these challenges head-on. This is an exciting move for Jane Street and one that reinforces their commitment to be at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

DeFi Experts with Strong TradFi Expertise: Meet the Team

Today, Astrolab’s protocol is developed by a strong and growing team with diverse and complementary backgrounds. The team has formerly worked for a variety of public and top-tier financial institutions, bringing a diverse range of skills and expertise in economic analysis, engineering, asset management, and business development. Having made the switch to full-time cryptocurrency a few years ago, we’re Defi-natives, constantly researching the market and new protocols to stay ahead of the game.

“We invest in teams first, projects second. If a product needs an update, then a good team can execute and pivot easily. We’re very confident in Astrolab’s capacities.”

— 0xVentures

We’re excited to collaborate with such skilled and visionary investors, and here at Astrolab we’re truly thankful to develop alongside our ever-expanding community as we continue to leverage our team’s broad network and expertise.

“Astrolab has a very strong, technical team.”

— Apollo Capital

Discover What’s Next for Astrolab

At Astrolab, we’re working tirelessly to ensure everything runs not just right, but perfectly. As cross-chain dApps are relatively new, we’re carefully implementing and rigorously testing novel concepts to make the most of the opportunities they present. We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us with plenty of features in the pipeline, such as protocol insurance, reactive strategies, leveraging and much more. Right now, though, our focus is building the core of the protocol, and we will be unveiling those innovative features after our launch. Get ready — it’s going to be awesome!

Stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile, join us on Discord to chat and exchange ideas about yield strategies. We’re always keen to engage with the community and welcome valuable contributors.

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