Monthly Horoscope of all Zodiac Signs

A free monthly horoscope is a source of prediction based on sun signs. Astrology uses birth place and time to predict yearly, monthly, weekly or daily horoscope.

Let’s have a look on the monthly horoscope of all zodiac signs.

Aries : March 21-April 19

You will be getting time to have fun and travel to cool down. You have the best option to go on vacations away from hard work but if you don’t want it then you can work without any force and protest. You will complete your tasks easily and will have the strength to fulfill your wishes. Your nature will heightened your anger and egoistic traits. Try to avoid arguments and fights in your family. Don’t dominate your parents and siblings. Respect your elders.

Taurus : April 20-May 20

You will become the driving force to work more and effecting actions. You will lead your colleagues and juniors in a team. Competition and rebel may arise regarding your job or business. you will be energetic and efficient. You will be satisfied with your income. Give more respect and love to your family. Give time to your siblings and help them their studies. You may face bad health of some older person in your family.

Gemini : May 21-June 21

You will earn more wealth and profits but with stress and hard-work. It will be satisfying though. You will face many hurdles like deadlines, emergencies or ill health but you will pass them smoothly. You will take initiatives and action in your hand. Working will be better for you instead of staying at home. Try to retain peace of mind. Family will try to pamper you. Give respect and satisfaction in return.

Cancer : June 22-July 22

A lot may happen in terms of success. You have the potential to turn failure into success. You are confident and influential. Juniors will admire you and honor you. You may take new projects in hand. Your sexual desires will be intense. Your mood will be erotic and happy. You will be able to fulfill your emotions. You may find your love of the life. understanding and happiness will increase.

Leo : July 23-August 22

You will be blessed professionally. You will be respected and honored. More opportunities will come for your prestige and success. You will become more intellectual and a good speaker. You will be egoistic this month. Conflicts with family members may arise frequently. Serious problems may come. Your mind will be disturbed. Try to participate in home issues and initiate in repair or decoration work.

Virgo : August 23-September 22

You will be honored and respected. You will be protected by your close ones. You will achieve good results standing as a leader. You are intelligent and soft, try to participate in group work more. Indulging in intellectual activities will make you earn more. You will lose your energy and hope in the second half while will be active and in good health in the beginning of the month. Give attention to your problems and try to avoid frequent rest breaks.

Libra : September 23-October 22

The month will ensure success. Luck will play the grand role this month. You will be energetic and active. try to concentrate on your social connections and support from your mates. Luck will be with you. you may get promoted this month. May meet family relatives. Try to speak less in the family issues. Your aggression and ego will be heightened. You need to control that in order to keep peace at your home.

Scorpio : October 23 — November 21

You will prove to be efficient enough in your work. You encourage yourself and want to fulfill your ambitions. Scientific environment will push you towards your ambition. Your financial status will be improved. You will be relived from past tensions and stress. You need to control yourself else you may get disturbed and things may get complicated.

Sagittarius : November 22-December 21

If you want to achieve success then you have to make efforts and work hard. You will be profited if you work in a team. You may travel abroad or make connections internationally. You may start writing habits which will give you peace and happiness. You will feel yourself becoming more attractive and charming. People will follow you and appreciate you. You need to focus on your inner feelings. Try to give a hand to your partner for better understanding.

Capricorn : December 22-January 19

Team work and collaborations will result good for you. You may make new contacts which will benefit you in future. Don’t think too much to start a new project. You will grow and succeed. There is a chance of good opportunities or special gifts or unexpected income. Everything will be smooth and calm. Some arguments may arise but that will add to your family strength and understanding. Issues will be under your hand.

Aquarius : January 20-February 18

You will be alert and authoritative this month. Your decision power will get strong. You will be motivated to work more in order to beat your competitor. You will be productive and will able to showcase your talent efficiently. Don’t run from your responsibilities. You may feel that your partner is dominating you but you will pass this after a good conversation. Communication will bring harmony and affection in the relation.

Pisces : February 19-March 20

Success is not easy but you can achieve it with your hard-work, patience and efforts. You need to be very clear in your thoughts, goals and objectives. You are talented and you will get a chance to show that too. Sharpen your skills and you will succeed. You will try to lead but will be disappointed. Your commands may go empty. You will feel hectic in your family. Some conflicts may arise with siblings or parents.