Scorpio Monthly Horoscope And Personality Traits

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: As per Scorpio’s Monthly Horoscope prediction, the Scorpio natives will stay extra busy with their work this month. There is an urgent need to be extra cautious with your finances. If you give a slight lineage to it, there are chances of getting into a big financial problem. Keep in mind that time and money once spend never returns. Good News is that you may expect promotion at workplace in this month.

Scorpio Nature:

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign in the list. Passionate, assertive, vengeful and most importantly fierce are the qualities which makes a true Scorpio. The positive trait of Scorpio is that they are superbly intelligent and has an effortless charm. Scorpio individuals are self motivated people who complete each and every task on time. But negative traits of Scorpio include jealousy, secretive, scheming and extremely possessive. Scorpio Monthly horoscope suggests you to maintain calm and peace this month as luck is not favorable.

Scorpio Career Graph:

The intensity, with which a Scorpio deals, is also found on the professional front. They are way too serious about their career than any other zodiac in the list. Scorpio is the sign of power and control. Although you crave security, you also thrive on competition. Nothing engages a Scorpio more than pursuing an out-of-reach goal that promises power, lifelong financial security or a chance to be seen as the best in your field. No detail escapes and a Scorpio can achieve almost everything they wish to achieve. In Scorpio Monthly Horoscope, it is recommended try not to mess with your boss , as this can lead you to serious trouble to the extent that you might end up leaving your job.

Scorpio Love Compatibility / Marriage:

Open strong and let your ‘inner funny self’ initiate the conversation to impress a Scorpio. Avoid asking the boring, usual questions that most people ask. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio means that you have their trust. The one thing they need is to make sure that their trust isn’t misguided, so always be honest with your Scorpio lover. Scorpio Monthly horoscope for this month is indicating that this is a time to ignite flames of romance in your partner. You will feel romantic and sensuous. Best time to start a new love relationship.

Facts About Scorpio:

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Topaz

Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 and all multiples of 9