Gamdias Hebe M1 RGB

Time to vibrate your world!

Special thanks again to Gamdias for providing the headset for the review!

There have been a lot of gaming keyboards and mice being released recently but I haven’t seen too much love for headsets. Is it because earphones can do the same or at least a decent enough performance? But Gamdias has something to say with their new full set and here’s the Gamdias Hebe M1 RGB, so let’s rip this one out.

The headset itself is very sturdy plastic build, adjustable head strap with a metal frame, big leather memory foam ear-cups that able to support my medium sized ears though are not replaceable but very comfortable and with a retractable mic.

Putting the headset on for the first time and taking it for a spin hours on end is a mixture of delight and slight discomfort. The ear-cups although having comfy memory foam tends to make my ears very sweaty because of the leather cushion.

It has a very huge radius that can support almost all shapes and sizes of ears.

With the dimension 18.8 × 10.4 × 23 cm (lwh)

It does not have any manual adjustments instead it plays around an elastic headband with a metal headframe. This works well in cases wherein you prefer to have the one size fits all mindset and it does a good enough job of doing it although because of the size and somewhat carried weight of the audio drivers, it does tend to anchor a wee bit when wearing them so be forewarned.

Earcups have a big elongated ear design

Moving away from the earcups and into the media controls, Gamdias made sure you won’t find it hard to use because of how big the buttons are as well as being evenly spaced so you don’t accidentally mute the mic while changing buttons and what not. Volume up and down, mute, LED lights and the “vibrator” button. This technically adds some rumble to your headset which is good when you’re watching movies or casual gaming but I personally don’t use this too much in competitive gaming as it distracts me.

Media Controls

Sound wise, it’s very clean, clear and not muddy at all. It can go to high volumes without straining itself which is a big plus to me but you don’t have to go that high as the sound even at low is loud enough for most casual users.

The RGB LED lights are vibrant and easily shown as it permeates about 60% of the side cups of the headset. Here’s a little video to show off the LEDs even in a lit room. *dab*

There is also the omni-directional retractable mic, it perceives my voice really well. I’ve actually shoutcasted on this particular headset and have never heard a complain from the viewers, but I was rather surprised seeing the receiver of the mic to be at the tip of the extension rather than being on the side like most gaming headsets the mic isn’t long enough to twist it into a position wherein the mic is in front of your mouth but it picks up your voice nonetheless.

The cable is actually braided which a nice addition and it’s wrapped around a plastic cover which is non-removable unless you want to break the cable.

Final thoughts on the headset at $60 there are actually a lot of competition for the Hebe M1 RGB but it has a couple of punches in it such as sturdy build quality, huge earcups to handle any shape and size, easy to distinguish media controls and very bright and noticeable RGB lights which isn’t even found at higher priced gaming headsets. Some of the downsides to the Hebe M1 RGB would probably be the plastic wrap around the braided cable which is questionable to some and ruins a little bit the aesthetics of the headset itself.

Gamdias again has been pulling off some crazy stunts with their new line release of keyboards, mice and headsets to set a standard and the Hebe M1 RGB is definitely a new kid on the block.

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