Viewsonic 27 XG2703-GS Review

A tale of a better view…sonic

Viewsonic XG2703-GS

We might know Viewsonic have a wide selection of bang for the buck monitors that rival that of more expensive brands. Fast forward to more manufacturing and we’ve been graced to test out their take on IPS panels with high refresh rate with the XG2703-GS.

It’s a 27 inch IPS panel monitor with 165hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, but what do all of these mean? Basically your movements feel more accurate because the monitor doesn’t lag behind your flicks and you get yourself a more real time display of what’s happening in front of you.

Less Bezels More Monitor

It’s a pretty big monitor with dimensions of 24.6 x 21.0 x 9.9 inches and a not so little base, you have to plan a little bit more careful on where you’re gonna place it.

Design wise Viewsonic has done a great job of minimizing the bezels around the monitor, so that you’d have more screen and less frame around it, not too much tho too as I like a bit of frame just for its aesthetics.

Moving along the back we see the monitor stand that’s durable enough to hold this 4kg monster with a nice addition of a headset hanger but to fairly honest it might’ve been better to put it on the side as reaching around this thing is a difficult task, or providing a removable headset hanger clip that you mount on either side of the monitor for user preference and ease of use.

Monitor controls are located at the right hand side of the screen with indicators and a bonus is they’re analog not digital so you can feel around the back and not confuse yourself.

The XG2703-GS has a good amount of bells and whistles in terms of ports you have a USB B cable that supports 2 USB 2.0 and 3 USB 3.0 which makes it easy to connect your flash drives, hard drives or peripherals.

Display port which is gonna be the only thing you should use if ever you want to fully utilize the 165hz refresh rate of the monitor. HDMI cable cause Viewsonic can and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Aside from the physical aspects, this monitor also has Nvidia’s G-Sync technology and Ultra Low Motion Blur to ensure no tearing and smoothest of gameplays when you dive into any game you have.

I compared it to my LG-24GM77 which is a TN panel 144hz 1ms gaming monitor.

Experience wise I love the bigger size of the monitor as it makes me feel more immersed in game and the IPS panel really brings out their color but it still does need some getting used to as the bigger screen size wonks up my muscle memory on mouse movements.

It’s a great monitor overall it doesn’t feel cheap and the display is absolutely gorgeous, be careful though of it’s huge base plate to support the monitors weight because that’ll eat up a lot of your desktop’s space.

This monitor when checked at PC Hub has a price of 40,000php.