For me “snoozing” is essentially marking an email as unread.
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A Better Way To “Snooze” an Email in iOS

Sar Haribhakti I completely agree. I have tried Spark, Mailbox, and a few others as well, but I always come back to Mail app (and all native iOS apps actually) because of the integration back to the core iOS. That said, I wanted to provide a possible better way to “snooze” for the native Mail app. If you are on iOS 9 (and you should be) you can leverage the backend linkage between Reminders and mail by using Siri.

When you are in an email message you want to “snooze” trigger Siri and say, “Remind me about this” or “Remind me about this email at 9am” (or whatever date and time you wish, e.x. In 2 hours, when you get to a location, etc.). Siri will create a reminder and ping you at your designated time. The best part of this entire process is that instead of being a normal reminder that just pops up a simple list, the actual email linkage is attached right to the reminder and it will roll over and open mail and then open that specific email you wanted to be reminded about when you tap on the reminder popup.

You can also go into the Reminder app and review any reminder you have setup. If it has a mail icon, you can get immediately back to that email.

Another nice part of this is that if you are a Mac user, Reminders follow you across platform. You can get a reminder to that email later right on your Mac when you are working instead of simply having it siloed on your iOS device.

Siri can create these deep linkages to all of the Apple apps, and some developers are starting to build these linkages into their apps as well. Siri really is a powerful yet underutilized feature available on all iOS devices.

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