low of single digit millions to a high of nearly 20 million.
One Year Ago, I Made A Dozen Predictions. How’d I Do?
John Battelle

Ummm… regardless, I would like everyone to balance this against the fact that before the Apple Watch the entire smart watch industry sold a combined 750k — 800k the entire previous year…

After Apple announced the launch of Apple Watch, competitors redoubled their efforts and traditional watch manufacturers entered the arena or bought their way into the arena to begin to capture those consumer dollars.

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The fact that Apple “hides” their impact on the industry is less a fact of disappointment and more of a long history of hard work to maintain secrecy around its intellectual investment in a platform, device, or product line. If you are looking for a “less tech” example, look to the movie industry. Once a studio sees success with a specific movie we see 2–3 other movies with the exact same plot line — often the release happens simultaneously or within weeks because of the porous nature of the industry and secrets…

The fact that in a quarter Apple sold 3–4 times the amount of smartwatches the entire competitive landscape sold the previous year is pretty telling overall.

Complete transparency: I do own an Watch. I wear it daily and do enjoy the functionality and access it provides all without needing to drag my iPhone from my pocket.

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