If I was in it because I enjoyed school, I’d be in a PhD program.

“crunching numbers in an office”

If that’s what you wanted to do, you should have been an accountant.

“ a specific area of law that I find interesting and lucrative”

That you find it interesting is super (truly!!). I am genuinely curious why you think it is lucrative? How much do you think those people who found $50k in grandma’s dresser are going to pay you? How much of your time do you think they will expect for the $$?

And, anyway, the lucrative part is getting the business, which involves none of the ‘sitting in the office’. So, if you don’t like sales (and bill collection), you have a high likelihood o being disappointed.

“ reviewing peoples’ real estate contracts”

Residential real estate? Ugh. If you do this, make sure that you have a good title company agency relationship, as that is how you will make your money, not by charging people $500 to review a form contract and a form mortgage, and *maybe* go to the closing.

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