Yeah, my dad always says “No one *wants* to sleep on the streets”.

Maybe “no one who isn’t *seriously mentally ill* *wants* to sleep on the streets”. There are actual people who actually (believe that that) prefer to sleep on the streets. And, even then, there is a population of ‘gutter punks’ who can be seen as genuinely consciously choosing a (temporary??) life on the streets.

Much of EsEff’s current homeless population is related to the de-institutionalization of the seriously mentally ill over the past 50 years. I think that neither the current state of affairs, nor the way it was in the 50s is the “right” answer, but I’m not certain which is ‘worse’ for those suffering.

One part of the issue is: is it worse to take away their agency, and force them to take medication, or worse to let them be homeless? Again, I don’t know the ‘right’ answer, either in my personal view, or in a ‘best for society’ view.