Hitchhiking Is Apparently One More Thing Millennials Have Killed
Ester Bloom

Regarding ‘who is this anne perkins, with no fear”, from a 1997 interview:

“I knew, though, that I wanted to be a political correspondent, and I ended up working at Westminster for BBC regional television. But I was very naive: one evening I went out to dinner with Alan Clark, who picked me up in his Rolls-Royce. Later, when he had to go off and vote, I ran off and hid, for as naive as I was, I knew there was a slight risk that things would have developed. I found out afterwards that he uses the Roller on occasions like that because there’s more space on the back seat, and, when I read his diaries, I discovered that he thinks all women are pursuing him. I thought back to all the times I talked to him in the lobby about politics, during which he must have thought I was lusting after him.”

So, yeah…


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