Economic Insecurity Is Coming
Nicole Dieker

“use “loss of assets.””

But one can have a ton of assets and a poverty-level income, or no assets and make millions (see, eg. 50 Cent, Latrell Sprewell).

Anyway, everything you suggest is just a euphemism for “poverty” which (1) has a clear definition, and (2) is broadly measured, so there are statistics. “Low Income” doesn’t mean anything in particular.

There *should* be a second defined state of ‘near poverty’ too, tho, perhaps with a COL adjustment of some sort, to better reflect reality. The FPL is crazy low, especially in the 4–6 household size; not that $11,770 for a single isn’t crazy low, but $32,570 for 6? Wow.

Maybe what is bothering you more Nicole is the “leave poverty” construct, where what is more accurate is something like “rebound from poverty-level income”. If so, I’m with you on that.

And on another wordsmithing note, what’s with “ only a minority of the population remain in poverty for an extended period of time”?? Only a minority of the population is in poverty ever, so *of course* only a minority is in poverty for an extended period. If they mean “only a minority of those who ever have a year of poverty-level income repeat that for X years over Y period”, then that means something. Otherwise, it comes across as a sop.

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