L.E. Ataire
Faller-downer of Rabbit Holes. 🐇 Historian, Folklorist, and follower of the Orphic Mysteries. I write speculative fiction. https://www.ataire.io

One should never underestimate a housefly. They’re crafty and lack any concept of social etiquette. I glared at the bug frozen in mid-flight, before the winged bulimic regained movement and buzzed to the foot of my bed. Oh what’s that little fly? Unimpressed? Take this. The fly’s wings stopped. It…

The late afternoon sun beamed through the library’s windows, highlighting the dusty air. Rhian marched through it, leaving a trail of fiery footprints behind her.

“Rhian, what’s wrong?” Emmanuel looked up from the book he’d been studying. “H-how are you doing that?”

Lewis lifted his head up from the table…

Inspired by actual events.

Under the coffee shop’s fancy script, a man huddled under a ratty blanket.

“What’ll you have?” the barista asked.

“Latte.” I glanced out at the homeless fellow. “Make that two.”

I shoved sugar packets and napkins into my coat pockets and exited the cafe with a cardboard cup in each hand.

“Hello.” My warm breath came out in puffs. The man looked up but didn’t return the greeting. I swallowed and extended the hot drink. “I — um — I got you a latte.”

He stared, first at me, then at the offering.

“Latte?” He wrinkled his ruddy nose and sniffed. “No thanks, I’m vegan.”

L.E. Ataire

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