ATAMIAN Hair, an International Luxury Hair Care Collection

ATAMIAN Hair Collection
Made in Miami, United States
Est. 2015

About ATAMIAN Group:

Founded by Armen Atamian, C.E.O and President of ATAMIAN Hair is backed by two-years of research with Anita Atamian, an international stylist whose styled clients in Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Paris, London and Italy.

The duo mastermind siblings behind the ATAMIAN Group, collaborated their talents and skills to formulate ATAMIAN Hair. An all-natural, color safe luxury collection with a sophisticated design and created with the best quality ingredients: paraben-free, phosphate-free and sulfate-free.

The ATAMIAN Hair luxury collection is made in Miami, and launched globally in 2015 with success in three continents: the Middle East, Europe, and North America. ATAMIAN Group expects to add three additional products to the ATAMIAN Hair collection in 2016.

ATAMIAN Shampoo: Phase I

Strengthen: The two primary ingredients of biotin and keratin maximizes the results to strengthen hair and the reduce split ends. Targets the hair follicles and activates essential nutrients directly to the hair.

Hydrate: The ingredient keratin is designed to force absorption of hydration and moisture into the hair.

Shine: An all-natural cleansing agent, safe on colored and non-colored hair removes unnatural oils, dirt and residue left in the hair from pollutants in the air. So the hair looks and feels healthy, restored and shiny.

Smooth: Visible results noticed after the first use. The hair is noticeably smoother.

ATAMIAN Conditioner: Phase II

ATAMIAN Hair conditioner is a defensive layer to protect hair against daily abuse.
Carefully crafted with all-natural and exotic ingredients to soften, revive movement and restore smoothness. The hair feels like silk after the first use.

The ATAMIAN Hair collection is a well-designed system to work on dry, normal and oily hair. The hair is finished with a sophisticated classic scent. The scent lasts a minimum of two-days.

ATAMIAN Restoration Oil: Final Phase

A potent oil without the oily feel, recommended on either wet or dry hair achieves the final finish of the ATAMIAN Hair collection.

Shine: The final phase of the ATAMIAN Hair collection is made with pure argan seeds and replenishes the health of the hair by restoring vital nutrients.

Nourish: Restores all-types of hair with essential vitamins to its natural healthy state.

How to use ATAMIAN Restoration Oil:

Pump a few pumps of the ATAMIAN Restoration oil into palms of hands and distribute evenly through hair, blow dry for maximum results. Visible results are shown after the first use, creates ease in brushing through the hair. Proven results are based off client testimonials, hair is noticeably smooth and soft for any type of hair: fine, normal or thick.

About the Founder and Developers:

Anita Atamian, an International Stylist, with close to 20 years of experience. She is internationally educated, recognized and trained by celebrity stylists.

Armen Atamian, Founder of the luxury hair care brand: ATAMIAN Hair.

“I believe in perfection, and confident in ATAMIAN Hair” -Armen Atamian, C.E.O and Founder of ATAMIAN Group, Inc.

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