Travel is the Interpretation of Yourself

The desire to travel is to experience the unknown, get lost a little bit and remove the original perception of the life that we live in realizing we map our own journey and constantly are seeking to find our very existence. Traveling is fulfilling because we meet individuals that builds into unforeseeable thoughts and challenges us to see outside of our comfort zone.

Simply said, one must acknowledge their inner confidence to travel and look deeper into who they are, what they do and realize that everything around us is moving forward.

The permanency of everything only lasts for how long we work at it, which is constantly evolving and the experience is only temporary until faced by new challenges. So explore the barriers by traveling to places outside your comfort, because the solutions to the challenges are out there — in conversations to others’ insight. This is the best realization to learn early-on because it teaches one to live in the present, not in the past or in the future. Evolve through the people you meet and conversations to understand yourself.

The person you believe you are can be furthered by understanding what challenges will develop your character and your beliefs, in translation; grow as a person — professionally and personally. The conversations you engage in expand your insight into your beliefs about life. It builds character and inner strength to realize new opportunities and your potential to embrace challenges, carrying you forward to achieve your goals in business or in your personal life.

Experience the journey, engage in the cultural, treat it as home. This is a concept that I’ve adapted to my life because the feeling of permanency is merely just comfort. We often seek comfort because it is a cushion to protect ourselves and our beliefs, reluctant to face conversations and challenges as it may carry us into unknown territory. However, the confidence of “who you are” is built by removing this layer to open your mind, adapt to new environments and openly relate to others’ experiences, identity and cultural.

In my travels, I’ve realized that the answers to questions, opportunities and insight are built from experiences and the understanding of cultural. This is a direct interpretation of myself and how I am able to understand others’ to grow myself, my business and connect to others around me. The reward is endless to accurately address and interpret others’ needs and wants.

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