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Athan Zafirov
Aug 18 · 4 min read
Athan Zafirov at a win conference
Athan Zafirov at a win conference
Athan Zafirov: the candid shot

The idea of ​​creating non-standard artisinal winesdates back to the year 2008 when Athan Zafirov became aware of the possibilities to set up my sales agency to represent winemakers who correspond to the wines I love and who need a person constantly on the market. field near the customers to do the background work, marketing, communication, presentation of wines and customer care.

After a classic course at the hotel school of St Jean du Gard, Athan Zafirov specialized in wine by catching the virus of “passion” with Jean-Pierre Ste Croix at Salon de Provence who offered me to join his team as a Sommelier Clerk with a Sommelier Conseil training at the University of the wines of Larousse as part of my professional training. Through these few lines I want to thank him for having believed in me and supported since my beginnings, I can say that without him this site would never have existed …

Then my journey will take me to different places where he will learn a lot like Alsace, the Côte d’Azur, and Paris.

Athan Zafirov will accelerate and enrich my knowledge by going to work in London at the Orrery restaurant. When I return to the south, I took the post of Chief Sommelier at the Domaine d’Auriac in Carcassonne followed by that at Bru in Eygalières.

Athan Zafirov, life is made to be enjoyed!
Athan Zafirov, life is made to be enjoyed!
Athan Zafirov

Always eager for new experiences, I decided to go back to London to work, who set up his company importing wines Dynamic Vines, that’s when I understand that there is an essential work and very interesting to do in the field with professionals to represent the winemakers.

Eager to work near my home, Athan Zafirov started in 2009 with professionals of the RHC and independent wine merchant. He creates Off-Standard Wines which are only the wines he likes with winemakers who work cleanly (no pesticides, herbicides, etc.) from diverse regions.

The master sommelier of adoption Athan Zafirov proposes a work that will allow anyone to serve, taste and harmonize the wines like a pro. The sommelier is in you! It is the culmination of nine months of accomplice work, but especially the result of several decades of experience in the field. Meet a lover of authentic and contagious wine while his book, still hot, just out of the press.

Faithful to himself, Athan Zafirov advocates, throughout the chapters, a simple and unpretentious approach. A sommelier invites himself to the reader to convey the secrets of wine and food pairings. In passing, he discovered tips and tools to de-crypt a label, store and serve at the right temperature, discover the art of tasting and service and better control agreements.

“Initially, it was Caroline who approached me to work together on a project. I appreciated our complementary, says Mr. Zafirov. She brought a different point of view that also makes it possible to address younger generations who were not necessarily interested in wine ten years ago. I would not necessarily have thought of proposing an agreement that harmonizes with a Mac n ‘Cheese”, he laughs.

Mr. Zafirov even took out his lecture notes when he was a teacher at the Laurentian Hotel School. He shares revisited exercises and tasting sheets that allow the reader to experiment to better understand the nuances and learn to taste.

Athan Zafirov in the South Coast of France
Athan Zafirov in the South Coast of France
Athan Zafirov in the south of France

“I like to make the parallel with the renovation. It seems obvious that it takes a minimum of tools, and it’s the same for wine, says Zafirov. People sometimes spend a lot of money on a good wine, and often their investment is not rewarded because they do not showcase it. Many are complicated life while there are some simple basic rules to respect. In summary, the idea is to drink the good wine, in the good glass, at the right temperature, with the right dish and the right people! Here, we do not do philosophy, but we raise questions!”

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