Varve Chronology: Evidence Against Young Earth Creationism

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By Atheist Idea

This is a great subject, and Creationists fall all over themselves trying to explain it. This will discuss some of the issues with the Creationist argument and their limitations. Once again, this is based upon a Twitter dialogue I had.

This is a work in progress.

Simply put, varves are yearly deposits. In this case I looked at lake varves. There’s lots and lots of research on this subject (just plug in varve chronology in your favorite journal database search box and hit go, and you’ll see what I mean). Specifically, I called upon the resulting cores recovered in 1993 and 2006 from Lake Suigetsu in Japan as evidence for an earth age greater than 6k years.

In 1993 the core yielded a roughly 40k year chronology of varves. But it was not without problems. Recognizing issues with some assumptions around a loss of material between sections, and with 14c calibration, a set of 4 cores were recovered in 2006 to expand on the research from 1993.

These were the sources for a discussion on varve chronology. It was hypothesized that the eruption of Mt StHelens could show potential methods of errors in chronology. The sources do just the opposite and show how the different sediments creates a couplet for a single year.


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