If You Want To Be A Winner, Turn To Phonegap Apps Development!

You know the best part about mobile apps; if successful they can reach thousands of customers all over the globe in hours. And here is the worst part, if your app fails 99% of the users will simply delete your app. the sad truth is most of the users will straightway dump the app into recycle bin without telling you why they did it. That’s why it is important to provide them with exceptional user experience, however if you are targeting different OS users then you will need way deeper pockets to develop different apps. This is where phonegap apps development comes to your rescue. It is one of the world’s most noted cross platform mobile app development framework.

Phonegap has been around for some years now and it is one of the best cross platform app development frameworks in the market. In fact since its launch it has maintained its spot among the top ten favorite cross platform app development frameworks. It promises uniform and native user experience across all the devices and operating systems that they use. There are fewer alternatives to phonegap app development to begin with due to the fact that none of the other frameworks offer such flexibility. But one of the key reasons behind its success is the competitive cost of development; by far phonegap remains extremely affordable to small and medium entrepreneurs.

Majority of the users have complained that many cross platform framework based apps don’t perform as good as their native counterparts. However phonegap offers the best user experience among top ranked cross platform app development frameworks. Some of the best phonegap apps have even outperformed their native counterparts in some cases. It uses fundamental elements of web technologies, viz., HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript so that users can enjoy smoothly performing app across all devices. Here is the best part, phonegap offers anextensivesource of plugins required to add platform specific features and/ or functionalities to the app. these plugins can take advantage of devices’ various features like accelerometer, camera, compass, file system, microphone, and many more adding value to the user experience.

It has been proved that even the best phonegap development Los Angeles incurs relatively less development and maintenance cost except for CX management. Since your developer will need to develop only one app, it also requires less development time. These two primary features make phonegap an ideal tool for small startups and financially struggling entrepreneurs.This means even the smallest guy with the lowest budget might have a shot at scalable and flexible mobile app development. Thus with the help of phonegap apps development you can be a winner coming over all odds.