As an Operating System (OS), Android enjoys a whopping 80 percent market share and is far ahead of other OS like iOS and Windows. It is running on numerous models of smart phones, tablets as well as smart watches. In spite of being maintained and developed by Google, it is a free and open source software which allows for innovation and creativity. As a result Android application development has seen a steep growth. Today, business organizations are also utilizing this growth of Android to add fuel to their growth through the use of custom Android apps development.

But why Android?

Well, Android OS is the supporting platform in the majority of mobile phones now. While iOS based devices like iPhones and iPads are highly expensive devices, Windows as n OS is still in its nascent stages. Android, on the other hand, is available in a multitude of devices, and tech giants like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, HTC, etc., are manufacturing mobiles based on the Android platform. This allows the customer to choose from a wider variety of smart phones ranging from very low end phones to premium smart phones. And this is the reason why Android enjoys such a wide customer base. And the higher user base allows business entities to tap its unlimited potential. Thus, the best way for a business organization to reach out to the masses with their products and services is by the usage of custom Android app development.

Custom Android app development means Android application development which provides customized features based on the needs of the business. Android provides a plethora of options for customizability in the development process. Customized android apps are full of user friendly features. Mobile payment apps and online shopping apps are examples of mobile applications which are extremely feature- rich. Most online shopping apps provide the users with the option of saving the products in a cart, which they can use for future purchase. They also provide the option of sharing the details of the products to someone else through networking apps. These examples highlight how android apps can be customized with a wide range of features to cater to your business needs.

Compared to employing conventional business methods, the use of Android application development to meet your business needs is relatively cost effective and therefore comes with a high ROI.

Along with the growth that Android is witnessing, more and more business organizations are adopting Android apps as a means of boosting their growth. So if you are a business owner and have not yet joined the android revolution, it’s high time to think about it.