The girl post#

Im a girl.

you know when i was in sixth standard A man tried to grab my little body and tried to get me on his scooter near my school gate.

the same day instead of saying “its ok everything will be allright”, my teacher started bitching about me.

From 8th standard I started commuting to school by bus. And I statred finding men hands coming through the gap of bus seats too.

when i was 13 , i was walking through the road , while a young guy came to me, commented on my body parts then walked away.

Then few years later a TTR tried to touch my body parts in a late night train journey.

One day a Ksrtc bus conductor misbehaved to me.

When i traveled I found many eyes those scanned my body even when I covered up everything.

Then in Bangalore i started seeing men masturbating in front of my flat.

Dear men,
i dont wana shout , i just want to say one thing.
“this keep happening to your daughters too..”

Im sorry dad, brothers , my amazing friends, the bus conductors who treated me like a sister, TTRs helped me in my train journeys , amazing lorry drivers i met on highways, Auto drivers who taken me safely , men who helped me when i was alone in a helpless situations.

You people are the real heroes.

But i have to say this.#