Alicia Smith- Hop, Skip, Jump

Alicia Smith is driven by the things that move her.

She has always been involved in sport, and spent a long period mastering the various forms of dance, “ballet, tap, jazz… really a bit of everything”, she says. When she entered her final years of high school, she began focusing on a new kind of rhythm, the triple jump; an incredible combination of three explosive steps and flight.

Alicia began finding success right away, and soon after focusing on track and field she made the Canada Games team for Ontario, gaining valuable experience at her first major Games.

At 26 years old, Alicia has studied to be a teacher, and is very passionate about coaching and working with youth. However, presently her main focus is on making things happen in the sport of triple jump.

What does success look like to Alicia? In the short-term, she’s training hard, preparing each and everyday to gain a spot on the Canadian track and field team for the Pan Am Games taking place in Toronto. Born in Brampton, Ontario, this Games so close to home could be the next defining moment in Alicia’s journey, and also what propels her towards the ultimate dream of representing Canada at the Olympic Games.


In a sport of inches, Alicia finished 2014 on the wrong side of an inch (literally) to miss out on financial support. While things have been challenging for Alicia, juggling a full training schedule, as well as working to support her dream, she is in peak form and getting closer each day.

Her favourite quote reflects her approach to training and perspective on success; “It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things start to happen,” by Muhammad Ali.

Ultimately, Alicia needs one metre, but she’ll focus on gaining an inch at a time. Watch her video here, and if you can, put your support behind her journey. You’ll feel very good about supporting her dream!

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