101: AthleteReach

What is AthleteReach?

AthleteReach is a user-generated platform focused solely on helping amateur athletes play at the next level. The current recruiting process is too biased favoring players:

  1. from large football towns,
  2. from prestigious schools with prominent reputations,
  3. who spend lots of money on recruiting services or camps,
  4. who have a strong network and local high school coaches who will promote them.

AthleteReach is focused on creating a tool that lets players nation-wide get recruited solely on their talent and potential. No matter how small their school or how many college camps they’ve attended, the goal is to create an even playing field.

While also benefiting the players, AthleteReach is also focused on creating a unique experience for fans and coaches by keeping them connected to their favorite players.

Below is a breakdown for both players and fans on the potential of the AthleteReach and how to navigate the site…


  1. Once signed up as athletes (FREE), players can upload a player feed, pictures, videos, news articles, statistics and a detailed bio.

2. Feed: Players can keep fans and coaches updated on their practices, games, links, college visits, etc (a la, Twitter and Facebook).

3. Photos: Players can upload photos from practices, workouts, games, etc.

4. News: Players can upload interviews, news articles, websites, etc.

5. Statistics: Players can upload statistics from their workouts and games (for multiple positions).

6. Bio: Under “Edit Profile Data,” players can upload their high school, position(s), height, weight, profile bio and “Targeted Schools.”

Targeted Schools: These are the top 5 schools where the player wants to play. Coaches and fans will be able to easily search for players who target specific schools. This will give players a big advantage in their recruiting efforts.

7. “Top Schools Followed by”: Once the player creates a profile and fans from five different schools follow them, the top five schools following the player will be listed (in random order).

Overall: The more views and follows a player gets, the easier it is for coaches and fans to find them. It’s important the players consistently upload content to keep the coaches and fans engaged.

Coaches and Fans:

Once signed up as fans (FREE), coaches and fans will have access to their favorite athletes and our database of players.

  1. Follow: Coaches and fans can follow their favorite athletes and track them via a direct feed (a la, Twitter and Facebook).

2. Player Profiles: Coaches and fans have access to every player’s profile on the site. This includes their bio, feed posts, pictures, videos, statistics and news.

3. Search: Through an advanced search, coaches and fans can filter and identify specific players by position, graduation year, location and target school (schools players want to play for).

Once the search filters are set and a coach or fan selects a player, they can easily scroll through the other players from the results for an easier searching and recruiting experience.

Overall: AthleteReach is a unique platform that gives coaches and fans access to their favorite athletes. It’s fun for fans and a great recruiting tool for coaches.

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