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Unless you were hiding under a rock with absolutely no internet access, you would have heard of coworking spaces sprouting up all over our most liveable startup city. Yes, they are everywhere. It’s said that in Melbourne alone, there are over 140 coworking spaces.

While many of the established venues are bursting at the seams with no room for anymore desks, new spaces are opening all over the CBD and suburbs to meet the demand.

Successful coworking spaces are much more than desks, wifi and latte. It’s about Community. …

From left to right Cullen & Bryan fine tuning our first ever live audio stream. Linda our magnificent MC doing her thing and Alex on the slide deck.

We had 218 RSVPs for our June MSB Pitch Night, out of which around 150 attended. Not bad at all considering the typically winter evening in Melbourne complete with chilly winds and occasional showers. As we race towards 10,000 members, it’s heartening to see increasing engagement – particularly from new members.

Over the coming months, we will be launching a number of new projects and events. Watch this space for details.

Join us on Slack to volunteer and sponsor us to help make it happen.

We had 176 RSVPs on our Meetup page. It was a windy day. Gale force winds stirring up leaves, dust and dirt in the unusually warm weather conditions we are experiencing in Melbourne this autumn. Global warming?

There were intermittent showers and to add to the chaos, a Toastmasters meeting was happening in the room downstairs blocking the usual entry to the stairs. Silicon Beachers had to navigate an obstacle course to get upstairs to the Heritage Room.

Despite all this, nearly 125 brave souls were mingling and getting ready hear and support our founders. We were amazed. …

Better late than never, here is the report from our Melbourne Silicon Beach April 2018 Pitch Night. Reason for the delay – technical problems with our video. It was simply unusable with frames dropping off. In short, it was an Epic Fail.

If you are a videographer (need not be a professional) please consider volunteering at the next Pitch Night. Thank you.

Here’s the Pitch Video from March Pitch Night of Melbourne Silicon Beach.

Updated 11 March 2018: Video fixed! Thanks Harjit. You are a legend!

Intro from Cullen
Silicon Beach Radio, EATT Podcast & Wakeup On Earth

3:35 Patrick from Simbisa Law
6:05 AcademyXi

7:40 Bill from TwoSpace.
Get your tix to the Launch Party —
9:20 Flexisource IT

11:35 Linda. Simpateco.
12:35 Bernie. Growth assessment. Connect on LinkedIn.
14:35 Simon. Shopify Melbourne
15:55 Mola. Zypp
17:20 Harry. Business Video
18:40 Komal. Branding Partner
20:00 Tuck. Blinxel
21:30 Scott. Rulo
23:35 Jane. Troubled Couples.
28:10 Abir…

Thanks to our newest sponsor Academy Xi, the February Pitch Night was held at Xi’s Melbourne campus. Here’s the video (apologies for the audio hiccups and the missing video of round 2 pitches — we aren’t perfect!)

MSB Pitch Xi Night Feb 2018 at AcademyXi.

The Sponsors
MC for the night — Tim, AcademyXi (Venue sponsor & Community Sponsor)
3:20 Athula, Melbourne Silicon Beach
7:15 Rugare, Simbisa Law (Food sponsor & Community Sponsor)

Thinking of sponsoring Silicon Beach? Here’s how and why.

The Partners
9:45 Bill, TwoSpace (Coworking Partner)

The Judges
Anna, That Startup Show
Bill, TwoSpace
Linda, Simpateco


Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

When? Wednesday 13th December 5.30pm — 6.30pm
Where? On your computer, tablet or phone.
What? “How to protect your Intellectual Property in Australia and Offshore”
Who? Simbisa Law

Click the link below to register for FREE entry to the webinar.
Places are limited.

On this ‘FREE’ webinar we will be discussing how to protect your Intellectual Property in Australia and Offshore. You will learn about the following:
- what is your intellectual property
- setting up your business to protect your intellectual property
- how to commercialise your IP in Australia and offshore

We would be delighted for you…

“We can’t dig shit out of the ground and keep selling it to China forever”

Quote of the day from Bevis Cheng, Co-founder & CEO of Hacker Exchange. Bevis, a Melbourne Silicon Beacher, home from San Fran made an impassioned plea to Aussie startup founders to “get to it”, at Telstra’s Gurrowa Lab at an event hosted by Hacker Exchange.

In a passionate, off the cuff speech to the assembled startup founders, aspiring founders and failed founders (who got a special round of applause), Bevis dished out loads of advice gleaned from his time at the Valley and San Francisco…

Sorry about the delay in getting this blog post to you. Here I am, up in Sydney writing this on Melbourne Cup day. I was planning to have this done and dusted before I flew to Sydney but you know what they say about plans?

I hate plans.

In fact, I wouldn’t be writing this even today if not for the fact that all the Two Space venues here in Sydney are closed for coworking because the bars & restaurants they operate out of are fully booked out for Melbourne Cup. The purpose of my visit – checkout the venues…

Athula Bogoda

CEO : Silicon Beach Group, Lead Organiser: Melbourne Silicon Beach. Driving Australia to #2 startup nation in the world by 2025.

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