Eat that Frog with to-do list

I have always problem of time management I could not complete my task within the time and sometime I forget my important tasks but after reading this book ( Chapter 2 Eat that frog by Brian Tracy) I would able how to manage time and worked more efficiently. To increase the productivity and quality of our work we should be plan first. As Alex Mackenize wrote that “Action without planning is the cause of every failure” before read this book I was not planning my tasks but when I read it or planned my all activities before one night list out my all next day activities and I have done all tasks on time and easily and I have much time to spend on this task 1 by 1 so after this I have no issue of time management and the quality of my work is also increase. It’s very helpful activity and it increases my work capacity I done more tasks by planning. We can also apply all 4 lists if we continue this in our routine life( Master list, monthly list, weekly list, daily list) and it will increase our work capacity more as I already try daily list which helps me a lot to complete my all tasks within the time and more productively. It’s a easy process before night you sleep write all things on paper which you do next day and follow that list in next day.

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