The poor quality of health services has a negative impact on health indicators in all countries of the world

According to studies by the Organization for economic cooperation and development, the World Health Organization and the World Bank, poor quality of health services hamper progress in improving the health of people around the world at different income levels.

The most common phenomena that today patients all over the world have to face are the following:

✔wrong diagnosis;

✔erroneous prescription of certain medications;

✔conducting unnecessary or inappropriate treatment;

✔use of weak material and technical base;

✔application of outdated treatment methods;

✔lack of necessary experience and training of medical personnel.

In order to eliminate most of these problems and improve the quality of medical services in general, AtlantICO Network platform will unite all participants of the medical services market in one place. On the platform, each patient will be able to assess a particular medical center, recommend or not recommend a particular doctor, to assess the quality of the services he received or the medicines used. Based on patient feedback, other users of the platform will be able to draw appropriate conclusions: patients about which clinics and medicines to choose, and medical centers — about how to improve their services.

More information about what problems of medicine can solve AtlantICO Network platform — on the official website of our project