We have completed the ICO of AtlantICO Network project and are starting to develop and scale our platform!

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We have completed the ICO of AtlantICO Network project and are starting to develop and scale our platform!

If you want:

✅To help people, family and friends

✅To do a good deed, for which you will hear “thank you”

✅Earn big money without going to work

✅Have a permanent and legal income

✅Become one of the first participants in the development of a global decentralized network

Then join us! 👇

🔹We allocate more than $ 5.000.000 for you to help us make medical services safe and high quality. In the near future we are launching our platform where users will be able to add medical centers and doctors, leave comments and make assessments, we want to conduct a real decentralization of medical services!

If you want to earn by helping us in development we invite you to join us in two stages:

1. At the first stage, which will last until the end of March 2019, we will work to increase the base of medical centers, doctors and will collect comments and assessments, for this we are ready to pay you:

- reward for adding $300 to the medical center platform

- reward for adding a doctor $500

- reward for adding a comment $200

- reward for adding a score $50

- reward for voting $10

🔹The amount of remuneration for the addition of doctors and medical centers will be reduced: with each addition of a medical center by 1/50000; with each addition of a doctor by 1/300000; with each addition of a comment by 1/1000000.

2. In the second stage, starting from April 2019, we will start connecting the payment service to our platform, where users will be able to pay for medical services with discounts using our application. By connecting medical centers to our payment system, they will pay us a commission on each payment for medical services, this commission we will share among the participants of our platform, it will be an ever-growing legal income for each token holder.

⚠Important information:

In order to add to our platform medical centers, doctors, comments and assessments, you just download the application and register. If you want to receive a reward for this, you need to have at least 10,000 ATL tokens on your personal account (you can buy them on the exchange), the wallet on which you will store your tokens will need to be tied to your account in your personal account. The reward will be paid in ATL tokens at the rate at the time of payment. Users will be able to receive the award after they added the center or the doctor will gain 50 or more votes. If you want to sell your tokens in the future, you can also sell them on exchanges.

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