If you’re not in a car in SF, you may soon be dead

Time to post these in SOMA?

Walking, scootering, and bicycling in San Francisco is now more dangerous than ever. Previously, I wrote about how I was hit by a car from behind while cycling to work.

Besides the two unfortunate cyclists who lost their lives this summer due to hit-and-runs, I recently heard that a member of my congregation, a husband and a father, also lost his life this summer, after being struck on his bicycle by a car.

On October 3rd, I witnessed a young man on a Boosted board, rolling along Folsom at Hawthorne, collide with a car that ran the red light. The skateboarder flipped over the car, which drove off without stopping. Fortunately, the victim escaped with bruises; had he crossed the intersection one second earlier he would have been flattened.

On my daily commute (now on foot because of my injured collarbone), cars will frequently sail through the crosswalk I’m in, nearly striking me, staring at their cell phones.

I don’t doubt that the Bicycle Coalition is doing its best to address this epidemic. But I call on our civic leaders to try harder to curb the problem.

Should we really allow Ubers to use their phones while driving? Shouldn’t we crack down harder on drivers that ignore pedestrians and run red lights? Shouldn’t we give out big tickets to cars blocking bike lanes, forcing cyclists into oncoming traffic to pass them?

On Geary Street, there are often traps for drivers that ignore crosswalks. Yet in the most crowded part of town (SOMA), I’ve yet to see a car stopped for ignoring pedestrians. We could start by protecting the most vulnerable: the pedestrian working downtown.

Supervisors and the Mayor: please do something before more people lose their lives. Crack down on dangerous driving.