The Friendship Breakup

They hurt too. Maybe more. I’m not sure.

I miss you. Not in a I-can’t-live-without-you way but I miss you as in your presence was deeply cherished in my life. It brought smiles and great conversations and a glitter that was a sweet extra.

I can continue living without you, definitely. But the space that you filled in my life will be forever void. That’s the funny thing. I didn’t think you’d cause a void because you were a friend. A great friend to say the least. Somewhere in my mind I still see you as a friend, perhaps that’s why there is a void.

OR it’s because I’m not sure why you disappeared. It was sudden. And there was no explanation. Just an ultimatum.

It’s the lack of closure. No answers to the list of how’s and why’s.

Changes are abrupt anyway and time is a great space filler.

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