Starseed Pilgrim and Its Importance in Video Games

Before I start with Starseed Pilgrim, I want you to step into my time machine and go back in the 90s for a bit. Much simpler times where in my town computers where a working kit, internet was just a word and games were not related with screens.

It’s very strange but I don’t really remember a lot from my childhood. Maybe I had an amnesia or maybe I was abducted by aliens, I don’t know, but what I do know was the feeling I had when I played my first game. It was Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo and the marvelous feeling that I’ll never forget .

My father, who never had any experience with video games, explained to me the controls on the joystick and started the game. After countless tries and dying a lot, we’ve figured out that the things that move are trying to kill you, you can kill them with jumping on them and you can jump on the blocks with the question mark on them and a get a power up. It was a joy discovering those things. Going deep into the game and spending countless hours, I’ve discovered that on some hidden blocks there is a star, life or pennies that if you have enough can give you life and some plant that grows and goes in to a world of pennies. Also you can enter those green tubes and you can even go up on some stages and jump some levels. The joy of discovering things in the game and afterwards bragging about them with my friends was incredible.

Ok, now let’s step back into the time machine and go to the present. We are in a time when the video gaming industry is bigger than the music and film industries, time where the easiest way to answer anything is by searching it on Google and time where most of the played games are action packed, refurbished shooters with little to no imagination. Basically, it’s a cyberpunk time in the gaming world.

After Jonathan Blow highly praising a game called Starseed Pilgrim and my twitter feed going wild about it I decided to check it out. After playing this game I would like to thank Mr. Blow for introducing me to this gem. Right from the start, while the game explained the controls, I felt nostalgia and after I was thrown in this wonderful minimalistic world with its simple but mint artistic style and suiting score, the nostalgia grew even more.

Because I didn’t know what to do, the first thing I did was explore the world. And while exploring what am I supposed to do, the mechanics of the game and even the story I was transported back to the time when I played Super Mario Bros. In the first hours of playing the game you scratch the surface of the game and discover the core things like the different seeds and how they intervene with each other and ...(you need a level 9 pass to read this). And like any good game the deeper you go in it, the more little things you find that can help you pursue your goal. Again I felt the same joy when I discovered something new and the joy grew even more when I knew what was my purpose in the game. After that I needed to master my skills and become a true pilgrimer, which was difficult in a good way.

Countless deaths and with every retry I went with a little bit more knowledge to experience a world like no other. I’m not going to spoil anything because it will shatter the unique experience that this game creates, the feelings and the nostalgia that evokes . So if you want to experience it at it’s full don’t read any reviews about it, don’t watch any videos and when you are stuck just be patient, think and improvise.

It’s really important to start covering a lot more often games like this, not forget and cherish them, so more and more game developers push the boundaries of the gaming world and try to make innovative games. And maybe, just maybe the huge companies that make the AAA games to take notice, go in another direction from the today’s cheesy action flicks and take at least a little more risk than just stay in the comfortable zone. It’s maybe Utopia, but we, the gamers, can create it with supporting these unique games and demanding a change.

At the end I would like to thank @droqen for creating this brilliant puzzle game and @DualRyan for creating an impeccable atmosphere without which the game wouldn’t be the same.