If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

And this is what I know about you. You are a spineless keeper of the status quo, who, along with the Idiocracy, participate in your own domination. Instead of growing a spine and going an entirely new direction, you choose to stick your head in the sand and not discern that your party has literally told you you don’t matter, that Democracy is officially dead, that they nominate and you don’t, that stealing our votes and suppressing the vote and election fraud is okay because it is your candidate that it benefits. It is disgusting how elites in this country herd Idiocracy and hypocritical liberals who instead of fixing the cause of the problem in the first place, just put Band-Aids on shit to feel good about themselves yet accomplish nothing. Disgusting, treasonous sheep like you turn your back on the hijacking of our elections, the hijacking of our government and the fact that our republic is held hostage. Instead of standing up against these fascists you choose to vote for one? Fuck you. You fucking hypocritical little shit. Thank goodness that Independents and progressives out number you. You just keep doing what you are doing. But I’ll be damned if progressives and Independents will allow the Idiocracy and spineless, useless, liberal assholes like you take us down with you when Hillary pushes you off the economic precipice to your own feudal enslavement. Kindly shove this post of yours where the sun doesn’t shine. Where’s apparently your head is. Smh. Idiocracy. Oh, my lanta. Bless her heart.

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