Dedicated to the Feminist Caucus Gathering in Los Angeles for a Convention: Is It Status Quo or Radical Feminism?

Is this a sexist, “equality with men,” status quo, second wave, stunted third wave feminist conference embracing Gloria Steinem and NOW and the President of Planned Parenthood and misguided celebrities? And is the DNC arranging this too? Or is this an actual feminist “Equality for all, gender diversification appreciation and acknowledgment, ending the patriarchal power structure” event, comprised of second and third wave “radical feminists,” as the status quo likes to call us, to silence men and women and genderqueer fighting for our inalienable rights and equality for all and against the sexism and hypocrisy of the second wave that keeps stunting the third from becoming femenexes, in what should now be the femenx movement? Or whatever we decide in unity, because a definition must come or we will never defeat the patriarchal power structure; not that status quo feminists want to despite all that talk about a glass ceiling. What does it matter if you break the glass ceiling, when you do not intend to be rid of the patriarchal ceiling/ceiling, because white, greedy feminists want to keep their greedy power and status and stronghold in Academia, print, and in a failure of a movement that has withered into a sexist, BS platform for the misguided, with no true cause except being equal to men. If I had a penny for the many ways that this definition of feminism sucks ass, I would be rich.

I don’t want to waste my day talking about down ballots or the base taking over a fascist, corrupt party, where seats are rotted before down ballot candidates can fill those seats. I don’t want to deal with Our Revolution, which is an arm of the DNC that, taken over by Jeff Weaver, who has destroyed any chance of grassroots funding of campaigns and took it upon himself to stab grassroots efforts in the back by turning it into a non-profit, so that now, it has become a non-profit sham by weaver, for the misled falling in line, as Weaver sells out to the DNC and puckers up to kiss millionaire and billionaire ass to keep money in politics and corrupt down ballots. Is this what this is about too? Organizing to keep a fascist party, with a revolving door, from the legislature to lobbyist consultant, to having lobbyists tell the legislature where to sign their John Hancock in order to pass the Deep State’s Agenda that pulls the strings?

Or is this a gathering of serious feminists, who follow bell hooks’ teachings and example and do not turn a blind eye to the feminist status quo corruption that pushes a sexist agenda, of voting for Hillary’s gender parts, in order to allegedly finally break the glass ceiling; that has actually already been broken, by our First Lady, Edith Wilson, who took over the Executive Branch and The White House and ran this country, when our executive-in-chief, President Wilson took ill.

Status quo feminists have found power under patriarchy and they want to keep it; so they still pander their archaic, sexist, second wave, feminist definition of feminism meaning feminists seeking equality with men that is confusing the shit out of Target and The Obama Administration and South Carolina, as to how a school or college or store or whatever can best cater to the needs of our gender diversity.

Now, the status quo calls the feminist dissenting minority “Raficals.” Why? Because we seek to defend and protect our inalienable rights to equality and freedom that we are born with. We “radical feminists” dissent from status quo sexism and and status quo denial of gender diversity and the status quo’s clinging to patriarchal gender rolls imposed on society by the status quo for the status quo. In other words, the status quo is contradicting and cannibalizing itself and becoming futile. Their sexist actions have run their course and are in danger of dying out, because millennials innately know that voting for a woman, to be president, merely because she is a woman is, in fact, sexist.

Status quo feminism itself, turns women into second class citizens and marginalize our genderqueer and victimize men, by imposing a code of honor and chivalry, that only serves to send youth to fight and die in old men’s wars, now, without honor, and now, archaic, whose patriarchal power structure has come to an end and must be locked away in the history books to be appreciated and understood for the purposes patriarchy has served, instead of perpetuating sexist gender rolls like the status quo does voting for the status quo is doing.

If this is a gathering of the keepers of the status quo, soon to be fascist sympathizers if they do not wake up to the reality of our condition in this inverted Totalitarianism, with democracy as conceit, that has actually killed democracy and has taken our Republic hostage and had hijacked our elections and our government and is privatizing our public lands and infrastructure and climate denying to keep the petrol dollar going and US Hegemony and US and NATO Aggression going to allow the Deep State to create their stupid plan of a new world order h see the almighty dollar and the oligarchical rule they have imposed here and seek to spread globally, as these elitist old crows and vultures peck at what remains of our moribund middle class hogging up what remains of the apple pie that we will never taste because status quo supporters hypocritically turn a blind eye to a candidate’s war crimes and crimes and atrocities because she has a vagina, when it is really not the glass ceiling that is being broken but dissenters of the status quo who are actually being broken, by extension, because ignorant or hypocritical status quo feminists participate in their own domination and by extension ours, herded to the polls to vote for two fascist parties that offer. Itching sustainable but certain extinction in 45–50 years’ time if we don’t change to alternative energy, like, yesterday, denying climate change, even though it is a natural process of earth that creates ice ages, both small and huge in the measurement of time, the last one being in the Middle Ages, a small ice age, that if the CO2's go up another half of a percent it will be diasporas unlike anything ever recorded on earth and wars for resources and water, so that Pakistan and India, now fighting for Marrakech, in five years’ time will be fighting over water with nukes, all because of greedy, rich, status quo feminist leadership and idiot celebrities that spread their bullshit so we can be herded not only to extinction but to annihilation and our eventual chains as slaves of a feudalistic existence that is ruled by oligsrchy; if this is a gathering of status quo feminists that silence dissenters of their stupid, sexist, ruinous definition that attempts to put the likes of Clinton’s vagina in our White House instead of in handcuffs, and insist in brainwashing youth to vote for a vagina instead of the person qualified for the job, that insidiously tells its sheep that we need a “woman-in-chief” cause the glass ceiling (which is stupid since we still have patriarchy bitches), that silences dissenting voices. Y calling men, women and genderqueer feminists who understand our inalienable right to equality and celebrate and understand and appreciate or at the very least acknowledge our gender diversity instead of denying it to look like a frigging version of man in a suit but with a skirt, or Gawed forbid a freaking pantsuit, all to vote for that disgusting monster in a pantsuit whose disgusting crimes and racketeering and electioneering and rigging and war crimes and the blood on her hands staining ours, who is above the law and thinks she can run a third time or allows herself to willingly be prostituted and willingly prostituted her child, Mr. Ed, who think Americans will allow a criminal legacy to continue, or think The People, suffering now will allow them to be above the law and who think The People will not hold them to account for that and for rigging the primaries and national election along with both fascist parties that gave us Trump, imbeciles and hypocrites that have given us a dictatorship and a police state and have turned us into collateral damage being made sick and sentenced to death by pollution created by their pipelines, with status quo feminist leadership insidiously guiding their sheep to their own demise and the world’s and humanity’s and all species?

If it is this kind of fascist feminist gathering and fascist sympathizing base gathering, kindly feck off and unfriendly.

But if this is an actual gathering of femenexes to progress from the second wave to the third and a gathering that served to inform attendees how to go outside of corruption and do grassroots and an umbrella party, to unify all independents and third party progressives and do a masse exodus of both parties and elect at least six true public servants from outside of corruption, and turn the balance of power to progressives and finally give the majority and minority — The People a political and economic voice, then count me in.

Do riddle me this: is this equality for all? Or is this equality with men/DNC booshit?

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