Hill to the no, no, no. Hill NoOoooooo.

Do the people supporting Hillary not realize that both Hillary and Trump are not an option because fascism is not an option? That the reason Bernie will vote Hillary is because we need an insider while his supporters go independent because to not do so says that it is okay for the DNC to spit in our faces and make a mockery of our attempt at a democratic process and to literally tell us that they nominate and we don’t and that there is nothing we can do about it in Nevada? The time has come to have a backbone and not fall for the spineless lesser of two evils. Bernie will not tell his followers to vote for her. He has said he will lead this political revolution in the White House or the senate. HE is our only political and economic voice. And TOGETHER, holding fascists accountable, we can get our system of elections and our government that they’ve hijacked and our Republic that they have taken hostage. Both candidates are unacceptable because nothing they offer is sustainable. In Nevada, the DNC sealed its own coffin. And now, if they refuse to listen to the will of The People and do not acknowledge the gift that Bernie is because they out Party and Greed before People, who apparently do not matter to them, and the do not nominate Bernie at the contested convention, Berners will leave en masse into The Green Party and elect Jill Stein and STILL follow Bernie; so that with Bernie, as an insider in this rigged, corrupt, two-party system, The People can have a political and economic voice and then assume political and economic power. Only spindles a, liberal keepers of the status quo will fall for this charade of Clinton’s and Trump’s. Trump is an oligarchical, fascist cronie of The Oligarcical, Fascist Racketeering octopi Clinton’s who are feared because their racket, in our three branches of government, is thanks to their frigging tentacles that extend to the highest echelons of Oligarchy and heads of corporations. It is fascism; the marriage of business and government, and what it has done is killed our democracy and has reigned in Totalitarianism, with democracy as conceit, and a police state. Both Trump and Hillary will push us off the economic precipice into our own feudal enslavement if we allow the Idiocracy to fall for this Trump/Clinton scam. Trump a Democrat and is a Hillary plant whose sole purpose for running is to split the GOP and make Hillary look like the lesser evil with his outrageous stupid platform that rides the wave of anger and frustration of the tea party and dixiecratic fringe who blame their problems on those who are most needy in society and their hatred toward those who they marginalize because of xenophobia and because they need to direct anger at those who they see as lesser than or other because it makes them feel that at least they aren’t “them” and are in a deserving status whereas those they seek to marginalize, to make themselves feel better, are no in a deserving status like they are. Well, the informed public knows that Hillary is more dangerous than Trump. Trump is about Trump and money. Hillary is about Hillary and money and power. She is a war hawk and a war criminal with blood on her hands that stains ours. She is more dangerous because she has already proven what she is capable of by instigating toppling of regimes, under the advice of Kissinger, a war criminal, and causing endless human rights violations, violence, death, diaspora, murder of innocents, and many other disgusting things that make Nixon look like an alter boy. But hypocrisy of the Idiocracy allows this monster to be on the campaign to our highest office when she should actually never ever be allowed near public office again. Not to mention, she should be in handcuffs, but because those in our three branches are complicit with her in the FBI investigations, The Clinton’s are above the law. So she now gets to hold Trump up as her Boogieman, and spineless liberals will do what they always do, despite now having discovered that their Democratic Party is a fuckjng cesspool of corruption that laughs at them and literally silences them and gives them the illusion of choice but POTUS has already been decided by the fascist vultures pulling their strings. And so Idiocracy stays in this abusive relationship because the Boogieman. To all those thinking that the lesser evil that has now told you you don’t fuckjng matter and that it is okay to suppress The Vote and reign in a New Jim Crow, I advise you to grow a spine and send them a huge message by leaving the DNC into a third party that puts people before party and is not corrupted. Change can never come from corruption. Change only comes from idealism and courage of youth and those who, despite being affected and cynical about politics as usual, muster courage for change and hope for what is possible, instead of pandering for incremental change that will never come because they intend to enslave us into a feudal existence under the Koch brother we dream of American libertarianism where we will be reaching for trickle-down crumbs and survival of the fittest is the price The People must pay for freedom from Government. While we reach for crumbs, The Clintons, The Trumps, The Rothchilds, toasting to their finalizing their heist, of stealing our collective wealth, will now focus on taking their heist global, with TPP, which Hillary was the architect of and is lying that she doesn’t think it’s the “Gold Standard” anymore, which is why the entire world is praying for a Sanders nomination; because fascist puppets like Obama must push it through so they can then steal the collective wealth of all citizens of the globe. They started this heist in 1973. The dead reagans and Nixons were in on it. That is why we have slave wages. That is why 50 percent of Americans are u ser the poverty wage and suffering now and can’t afford the incremental bullshit that Hillary is offering or the megalomaniacal slave wages and xenophobia and due process and human rights violations that Trump is offering. The environment can’t afford it either. So while we back Bernie and let him deal with the corruption as an insider in the corrupt Democratic Party, so that he may continue to be our political and economic voice, we Berners will be going in an entirely new direction where we let the DNC know that WE NOMINATED; they do not. We have sent a lion to Washington to remind the establishment and keepers of the status quo who rules this republic; WE THE PEOPLE RULE THIS REPUBLIC. So if the DNC nominated a fucking war criminal who shouldn’t have ever been allowed on the campaign trail to begin with, then we will bury the DNC by leaving it. Only reason I’m still a democrat is because I’m eating for that lying monster to be indicted, as well as those complicit with that disgusting, sorry excuse for a human being. Now that we have seen, with our own eyes, and heard them literally tell us that we don’t have a say and and don’t matter and ignore us and give us the finger, via that disgusting, dried-up, desert tumbleweed, Barbara Boxer, and that Shrek-looking woman, whatever her first name is Lynch in that fateful convention in Nevada, where democracy officially went to die and the DNC officially, pre-Gucifer, exposed as complicit with the Clinton campaign and The Establishment and The mainstream media and pundits and the AP and all their minions that enable Hillary’s electioneering, voter suppression and election fraud, there is absolutely no way that a progressive or independent can stay; it would show the DNC that they can get away with it. And so lesser of two evils says that the New Jim Crow is okay with The People. It’s fucking not. Only the Idiocracy says it’s okay to be bent over and continuously fucked by those who are supposed to represent us. Progressives and independents will not cross that line. We are Bernie or bust. If we do not get Bernie, then we bust the fuck out of this corrupt party and bring actual change. Only the Idiocracy settles for incremental bullshit and sticks their head in the sand. And by doing so they also become traitors to The People, to This Republic, to OUR constitution. 😡. You have a choice: RULE or BE RULED. The informed will bring a peaceful revolution or the chaos of anarchy. The Idiocracy will be herded and thrown to our own economic doom, as they will take everyone and everything with them, but the informed will follow our constitution and our right to civil disobedience and will long be organized before being shackled to feudal slavery, so that when the Idiocracy is shocked that they are forced to reach for crumbs, the informed will welcome the chaos, because anarchy dictates that it is better to be free than a slave under fascist plutocracy. And when the dust of anarchy settles, we will have to start from scratch. So Peaceful Political Revolution and Change toward that enlightened society we were working toward, pre-1973; and a new attempt at a representative democracy, a responsible economy and prosperity domestically and abroad — Or straight out fucking revolt domestically and globally. We are isolated and herded and kept in the dark about what is happening outside our borders. We have no free press. And we are going to end that monopoly real quick when we vote in true public servants. But know this: the movement is not just here. The world is Berning too. Bernie has already won. And The People have just begun. We are waiting, with our shovels, at the convention. The DNC falls in line and does right by The People, or it fucks off and died. #BernieOrBust #Bernie2016OrGreen #StillSanders #Women4Bernie #FuckTrump #Chicanos4Bernie #HillNa