No Time for The Orange Piñata or His Climate Denying Cabinet. We, The People Must Drain That Swamp.

Let’s be the alligators and own that swamp in DC. We nominate; we rule this Republic. Global warming is real. It is the natural process of our environment to sustain plant life. Earth heats up and cools down. When temperatures rise, that means that we are at the beginning of an ice age. The last mini-ice age we had was in the Middle Ages. Now we are headed into a huge Ice Age. The sea will rise and the weather will change the landscape into ice.

Global warming is natural. What is not natural, is our three percent contribution to it. That is leading us to our own extinction. We have now entered Earth’s 6th extinction. We have 40 to 50 years left, before we go extinct, if we do not stop using fossil fuels. We need to switch to alternative hydro, wind, and solar, like yesterday, if we are going to extend life for future generations.

When I learned all of this, in 2012, in my Natural Disasters class, we were at three percent. Now, in 2016, it has gone up a half of a percent and that means that Florida is the next Atlantis and cannot be saved. Why people are still buying property there and not moving out is beyond me.

If we do not stop Trump from that climate denying swamp of an Administration he intends to usurp our White House with, we will go extinct. They have already sold our land to corporate and foreign and terrorist interests. We have so many pipelines and foreign Interests, many of it Chinese, that if China decided to end us, it would not take nuclear proliferation. All it would take is to spill what is in all the pipelines and we would all die.

If The People were literate, and learned about this, they would be in our streets right now calling out primary and general election fraud and demanding accountability that both parties cease immediately, and demand a new election that includes the remaining candidates and their slates, but this time with the true winner of the primaries, Bernie Sanders. Trump or Hillary would be nullified.

Fascism is the marriage of corporations and the state. Democracy is dead and our Republic is being held hostage. Our elections and our government have been hijacked by puppets of a shadow government comprised of Oligarchs and bankers and heads of corporations. They must be stopped. We need to expose them and we need to expose and end The Fed, because said shadow government runs the fed. We need to get our sovereignty back from The Fed by taking our monies and gold out. If any of it is in there. Why? Because the dollar is backed by petrol. And these bankers are frigging thieves. Just today the Pentagon announced that they cannot account for 160 Billion. And no heads are going to roll. Imagine that.

The petrol dollar is the reason we have been invading the Middle East. The irony is, that because of deregulation, neo-cons and neo-liberals have been privatizing what Roosevelt had made public to protect it; our national parks. We are just sitting back and letting them? They are doing it right under our noses and their media is silent about it. People do know.

And they have been drilling and building and lying about pipelines not polluting. They dump I don’t know how many gallons of oil daily that is poisoning people and making people near contaminated areas sick and dying and casing deaths. When there is a spill, they lie and say they’ve cleaned it up but have actually just buried it. This is happening all over our land and we don’t know about it. The frigging EPA has claimed the land to be safe. But a man, who worked for the industry, left it to expose it and is making a documentary immediately to help The Sioux at Standing Rock. He literally exposed how the EPA did not check correctly, and shows how the water they claimed was safe, to go in and drink from, was actually not safe because the spill was still there. It was just buried under sand by the oil company.

Fascists in Washington DC and across this land are selling most of it to corporations. And the sad thing is that they sent the Sioux to die in North Dakota, not realizing North Dakota was rich in oil. Now that they do, and this fascist government of ours, is about to do another land grab/money grab against the Sioux Nation. We cannot allow it.

Fascism and fascist candidates are not an option. Terrorism? The Bush Administration and fascist Congress and pentagon are the terrorists. They allowed for the murder of 6,000 plus Americans, on 9/11, to spin a war on terror that didn’t exist. They pulled it out of their ass along with the Saudis and Israeli Zionists. Why? For the Petrol dollar and oil.

Nixon took our money, that was backed by gold, and made it backed oil that was supposed to only be traded in dollars and not in any other currency. When other nations mention dealing oil in their own currency, we invade with the excuse that they need some democracy. And if a nation says they want to use their own currency, backed by gold, we invade. And we are lied to and told we are there cause terrorism. Fuck them.

Our vets know the enemy is at home. If one hair is touched, on any of our vets, by Morton County or Corporate goons, then our military should join us in firing all these fascist, Treasonous sellouts, selling us out to foreign interests that threaten our national security and our health for greed. These Treasonous rat-bastards are in Washington DC, in all branches of government, and across this land. These crooks think we won’t do anything about it. That we will just tolerate it and turn a blind eye. Like today. The Pentagon just announced it cannot account for 160 Billion of our tax dollars. Oh, and Paul Ryan announced he is taking lunch money from kids. He is going to take our and our Parents’ social security next. He needs to be the first one we throw in the trash.

The enemy is at home. They are the terrorists and they are the traitors. They lied about ISIS and withheld that they actually created Isis. And upon wiki leak exposing this treason, we should have demanded that all our troops be sent home. But 12 million Americans decided to turn a blind eye to war crimes and to just elect the less evil one. This is why free public higher education is needed. Why? Because voters would know that fascism and fascists are not an option.

We need our military and our constitution right about now. This is not sustainable. We do not have the time or luxury of putting up with four years of an orange, racist piñata, as our president, and neither does our environment.

Fascist lies about the war on terror and war crimes in our name and atrocities committed for the petrol dollar were and are all to appease the greed of a few old men who have been planning our doom for their gain.

We need The People to see and understand and stand up to corrupt power. There just is no more time to waste. If we contribute to global warming another half a degree, Rome and Italy and parts of metropolitan UK and most of our East Coast, and all of New York and Berkeley and Sacramento will be underwater.

With this half a degree we just crossed in carbon emissions, we will lose Bangladesh 🇧🇩 In five years’ time. There will be a diaspora, unlike there has ever been in recorded history. The areas affected by global warming will be Pakistan and India. And they won’t be fighting for Kashmir like they are now; it will be for water. Both countries are undergoing proliferation. In the next five years, lack of water will more than likely lead to nuclear war amongst Pakistan and India, and the world will be contaminated from the aftermath.

We cannot not talk about this. The mainstream media won’t say and doesn’t say anything about it; now, congress is making false news illegal. Translation: they can now declare real news illegal if that infringement of free speech passes. It is unconstitutional. In other words, they want only propaganda blaring.

The President has already privatized the internet and Congress is about to privatize native land too. We have to fight this with our water protectors and let love for our environment and love for our loved ones and future generations guide us into saving our environment to prolong extinction. We must stand up to fight for alternative energy.

We are the generations that have been called to take on a burden that has never been taken up before, anywhere or at anytime on earth. What we must undertake is unprecedented. Let Standing Rock be the foundation of our movement for change and let’s claim back the inalienable rights of every single human beings on the planet. Fascism is already here and is rising in Europe. We must not let it route itself here. Fascism must be caught because it is fascism. We must destroy it here and then it will dissipate in Europe.

The future is in manufacturing, technology, robotics and advances in science and 3D printing. The manufacturing revolution is already here. It is just waiting for us to end predatory capitalism in favor of responsible capitalism that will give the manufacturing revolution the ability to commence. It will make it so that global logistics are a thing of the past. Once it takes off, it will change the world forever. 🌎

Localities will be self-sufficient. Production will be instantaneous or almost. Efficiency will be amazing. It will be people running robotics and the technology this new manufacturing requires.

Humans will run the technology that actually makes labor easy and it won’t replace labor. The laborer is needed to run those robots. And laborers will be needed for everything and anything that will have to be produced to be self-sustaining. This means there will be no need for centralized government. All over the globe, manufacturing, in each locality, will sustain communities of people. Everyone on earth would have an apple pie standard of living to start. There will be no hunger and no poverty and no money, because labor will not have to subject itself to wages that can never pay the workers what their labor is truly worth.

It is through labor and through professional and artistic/creative and innovative. contributions, that a person will be rewarded and allow said individual to decide, for him or her or hirself, to decide their own standard of living based on the fruit of their own labor.

This possible future and extension of life on earth, for future generations and other species, should be the motivation we need to choose whether or not we stand up to power. Do we want to participate in our own domination by doing nothing until we become feudal slaves and go extinct? Or do we want to stop our contribution to global warming and live in harmony with our environment? I think the choice is easy. And it is those who decide that our life on earth is worth more than all the oil that greed extracts, who will save us all from extinction.