Our Republic, Taken Hostage; Our Elections and Government Hijacked. The Enemy is at Home.

Yes. We need to declare the enemy is at home. Our vets know this and took an oath to protect The Constitution and The People from enemies foreign and domestic. The time has come to uphold this oath at home.

Unfortunately, the stupidity of the masses has to give rise to dictatorships by puppets and the Deep State and oligarchy. Their aim is global feudalism for the masses with their trickle-down crumbs.

On our shoulders rests the unprecedented burden of choosing to save ourselves and all species from extinction in forty-five to fifty years, from annihilation of megalomaniacal old men who send our youth to die in wars with no honor but for the petrol dollar and the Hegemony of mad elitists that pull the strings on all three branches at the federal and state levels.

We do not have time for four years of Trump to save ourselves and our children from extinction. The future is bright and already here, but it requires responsible capitalism and another chance at representative democracy to bring about the manufacturing revolution.

On top of this burden, we have to deal with being herded toward feudal slavery, because nothing the two parties offer is sustainable and because democracy is dead. What we have now is Oligarchy who create the laws that favor elitist bankers and corporations and Blue Blooded wankers that one a Nee World order under one currency: The petrol dollar. And they allow the greater heist in history, The Central Bank or The Federal Reserve to print money, which is directly prohibited by our constitution, but it has been eroded, by a constitutional scholar, who one the Noble Peace Price and became a war criminal/sellout and a tyrant, encroaching and eroding on our civil rights too, and giving himself unprecedented powers that set him up in The White House as King George II. And thanks to him, we have, allegedly, King George III as President, a megalomaniacal moron, who did not clean the swamp but brought Wall Street Alligators and a son-in-law, who for some reason does business at 666 5th Avenue in New York; not that it matters but just to add a cherry on top.

The People must rise and sow seeds of knowledge and let it germinate where it will. Instead of looking for others to take charge, each and every single one of us must go within and be the change we wish to see and let that be our compass to guide us in this journey humanity faces against despots and the filthy usurpation of wealth that are making the Koch Brother’s wet dream of “American Libertarianism” come true. To paraphrase Chomsky, the free market or Laissez Faire creates an unfettered, unaccountable concentration of power that is tyrannical. Our system of public and private enterprise, a mixed economy that is both socialistic and capitalistic, does now allow for the type of Libertarianism that Libertarians think of. Instead, it gives rise to a truly unique and tyrannical and concentrated power to oligarchy. Libertarianism is still available to Libertarians in Europe. But in The United States it is simply Oligarchical rule and feudalism. And the Kochs and their elitist friends think they will be good rulers because they will give us trickle-down crumbs and that The People will love them for it. That we will be grateful to be given the opportunity to lift ourselves up by the bootstraps and reach for their crumbs. And what happens to those who cannot reach for said crumbs? Well, that is just survival of the fittest that the Kochs think it is a price that The People are willing to take to be truly rid of government. That The People will be happy taking care of themselves just like the wealthy take care of themselves, but no longer have to give The People their hard earned money that is theirs and theirs alone, for they are the money makers and do not ow anyone anything. That here, in America, each individual takes care of himself or herself or iz.

Now, the transference of wealth is early complete. The middle class is holding onto what remains of their apple pie, even as the crows and buzzards are pecking at what remains of their moribund bones, that have taken the tax burden for all the subsidies and corporate welfare that allows multi-national corporations to pocket the taxes they collect, from their employees, and deposit them in off-shore accounts while it is only the middle class and workers who fill our government coffers that are being raided by criminals on both sides of the aisle; for you see, both parties are one and they same, they just cater to two different bases. And by they I mean the puppets of the shadow government or Deep State and their media propaganda machine that keeps the people in the dark about foreign and domestic issues and only give surface information and blatantly doesn’t give a shit anymore, because when they say to be live someplace it is really a green screen and they think The People will fall for it and their sheep do. But what happens when we black sheep notice the blatant “produced footage” the media uses to spin and misinform The People? Well, see share it in social media, but then the idiocracy and the hypocritical keepers of the status quo, who participate in their own domination — and by extension ours — start spewing “conspiracy theory” and “tinfoil hat,” of course.

At this rate, with extinction 45 to 50 years away if we do not change to alternative fuel, like, yesterday, we are ensuring our own extinction by allowing the idiocracy and spineless keepers of the status quo to be ignorant or to turn a blind eye to the blood on our hands and the war crimes of those they cite for. If we are ever to be rid of the stain, of the blood of innocents, we must hold the war criminals accountable that we enabled to lie to us and commit atrocities in our name,

Democracy is dead and Oligarchy and fascism has taken its place. If we continue down this path we are being herded towards, the middle class will die out and the divide of the have and have nots will become clear; as will our feudal shackles. This is when anarchy ensues, thanks to black sheep and those who are now awake and informed, because Anarchy dictates it is better to be free than a slave to oligarchy.

Whether we are doomed to be outpaced by the Trump Administration’s herding of The People toward extinction, annihilation, and feudal slavery, black sheep and the informed and awake public will not be herded and we will not have that look cows do the minute they realize that they are about to be slaughtered. No. We will be ready. There will be no masters or slaves here.

We may be at a fork in the road and we may wondering if we are all capable of resisting and growing a spine and standing up to fascists and fascism, but one thing is certain: we shall have the future and evolve the Information Age toward the manufacturing Age that will revolitionaize everything and benefit humanity and all species and allow us to live in commune with Earth instead of exploiting it and is out of existence. Or we shall have chaos. In other words, we will be on track and surpass LBJ’s vision of a great society with Anarcho-Syndicalism, or we shall have anarchism. We are all born with equal and inalienable rights; one of which it is to be free. And we must make sure that we have equality for all in the social construct of this Republic of ours. And an appreciation for, an understand of, or at the very least an acknowledgement of ethnic and culture and racial and gender diversity; not to create division but to embrace our amazing melting pot that some cynics claim is not supposed to be. We have already proven them wrong, time and time again, because diversity does not mean division but the embracement of who and what we are and the celebration and appreciation of how that contributes to America and how it shakes what it means to be Americans in this nation.

How do we gain our Republic and system of elections and government back from the Deep State asshole elitists and their asshole puppets that no longer represent their base and have turned their back on their own majority? We unite as minorities, to gain a political and economic voice to assume economic power, along with the betrayed majority that even so still enjoy white privileged in this police state. Institutional racism and economic segregation and a broken justice system and a prison caste system ensures that. But thanks to Bernie Sanders, who must walk the political tightrope given him criticism from his own base of supporters, we minorities have an economic and political voice for the first time in our nation’s history. And it must not be squandered by falling in line with the democratic base, but to go outside of corruption while Bernie represents, as best he can, considering he had been compromised by the assholes that stole the election from him and his traitor campaign manager, ass-kissing Jeff Weaver, who let Bernie’s base down and betrayed those working for Our Revolution, because Weaver put himself in charge and took it upon himself to turn Our Revolution into a non-profit instead of leaving it grassroots to resist money in politics. In other words, Our Revolution may pander to progressives through our Revolution, but they have no intention of getting money out of politics or ending the revolving door between congress and lobbyists or changing a damned thing. And there is just no excusing the base for working with Our Revolution, because it is hypocritical and self-defeating to turn a blind eye to what is actually happening, that Our Revolution is actually The DNC. I mean this is The Information age, and all that power to inform oneself is in the palm of one’s hand. But ignorance is bliss and being herded is easy and so is being an ignorant or hypocritical wanker that sticks his or her or iz head in the sand to turn a blind eye for their face war criminal candidate.

So I digressed. But the focus is a return to responsible capitalism in order to spark the manufacturing revolution. Once that happens, there will longer be a need for global logistics,because all localities will be self-sustaining and manufacturing of things almost instantaneously. There will be no need for government. We shall have federations where we send out representatives and they discuss infrastructure and civil engineering. There will be alternative energy and we will co-exist with Earth and save ourselves and all species from extinction; problem is that we need our military to understand what our vets do; that the enemy is at home. How do we fix this? Sow seeds of knowledge, friends.

Next we need the spiritual and ecological guidance and leadership of our Indigenous brothers and sisters from all The Americas. Only they fully understand what is at stake. They know that in 45 to 50 years we will go extinct if we do nothing, while we struggle to internalize what the heck that actually means. And I’m talking about how we must switch to alternative energy, to reiterate, like, yesterday; to stop using fossil fuels.

We truly don’t have time for four years of a Donald Trump Presidency. If we are to bury the black oil snake in the ground and save ourselves, we must take back our Republic and our Government and elections and our sovereignty. The Deep State and fascism and the central bank and CIA that does their dirty work to spread US and NATO Aggression and keep the Military Complex and Boeing and planes rotting in the desert and the war machine going to profit the few now holding all the wealth. How do we rise and stand up to this? We unite with Standing Rock water protectors and our vets, who are also in Flint putting their bodies in the line to call attention to the genocide happening there and the silence of the media and the Government not doing anything to stop it.

Democracy, if we want another attempt at it, we must take our Republic and elections and government back by ousting the Deep State and all these treasonous puppets in all branches of government in DC and across this land. Our focus is the future and the responsible capitalism it will take to spark the manufacturing revolution. Our ultimate goal is to save ourselves from extinction and to grasp the future that is actually at hand waiting to begin now. And finally, the understanding that, once We The People let those traitors know who rules this Republic and their base, after which their base will be complicit in treason if they continue to obstruct by supporting the status quo and their own domination. We we will no longer allow the idiocracy and status quo liberals to extend domination to The People. Instead, we will be back in the road and on track toward becoming the enlightened society LBJ had us in, exceeding his vision, and evolving toward Anarcho-Syndicalism.

When the manufacturing revolution is in full force, every locale will have apple pie or whatever apple pie they like and money will be obsolete. Labor will no longer be subjected to wages, but technology, robotics and computers will create jobs like the Industrial Age did, but this time it won’t be through the exploitation of natural resources and the masses.

So we are resisting the sheep and their herders and rising to save us and our children and all species from extinction. And we are rising for the manufacturing age and escalating the Information Age for the benefit of humanity and not allow this inverted Totalitarianism with democracy as conceit and this dictatorship and police state to take away net neutrality in favor of corporate greed, to violate treaties and privatize public land and infrastructure and allow foreign interests to create pipes that leak crude daily and that contaminate with spills they claim to clean up but just bury in sand with the EPA signing off in said clean-ups and using The People as collateral damage of greed, for not only are we being exploited by these fascists selling The People out, but we are being made sick and we are dying from the pollution created by these thousands of pipelines we had no idea about until recently.

We cannot and will not be lead to extinction, annihilation, feudal slavery and and trickle-down crumbs by this oligarchy.

How do we begin? We leave both fascist parties en masse and register as independent or no party preference or third party of your choice available in your state. Then we organize and create an umbrella party to unite all independents and third parties and all progressives to take over at least six seats in congress. What will that do? It will switch the balance of power to those six and the other fascist parties won’t be able to do anything without the six having the power to block or pass a bill.

The People have the power. We just have to swerve the idiocracy and the keepers of the status quo that don’t understand fascists and fascism are not an option and that the base cannot take over a party that has corrupted the seats before down ballot candidates sit in them. For example, Our Revolution is keeping money in politics thanks to Jeff Weaver turning it into a non-profit. He did this to be able to kiss millionaire and billionaire ass, to keep that revolving door going.

What is that disgusting revolving door? It is those leaving their congressional seats to then go and become lobbyist consultants, to keep lobbyists writing the laws and telling elected puppets where to put their John Hancocks. It is disgusting.

Elections have been rigged since 1950. But this election blatantly told that they nominate and that democracy is dead. And that our attempt at a democratic process is actually a mockery as their is no democratic process with this unprecedented, blatant rigging of elections, by both fascist parties, offering fascist candidates.

So there was no election. Just a mockery of one. And we end up with Trump, who instead of cleaning the swamp brought the Wall Street alligators to the table and actually grew the swamp and had just made more obstacles to The People finally being able to bury the petrol dollar and put it back on the gold standard.

How do we get our sovereignty back from the Federal Reserve and fascists and fascism and the Deep State sinister Fox who think they can take what is ours and silence us? We do the following:

First we must be the change we wish to see. Start by leaving the fascist parties. Organize in groups and in your localities. And support leadership at Standing Rock and at Flint Michigan, where our vets and The People are joining Native-American brothers and sisters and genderqueer to fucking uphold the oath, and make this a government by and for the people, and make these fascists go extinct instead, by ousting them and holding all these traitors accountable and have them face the firing squad.

We either do this or let them and their base herd us toward a feudalistic existence. We now have oligarchy with idiocracy and hypocritical keepers of the status quo participating in their own domination and by extension ours. So join groups. I recommend Anarcho-Syndicalist Groups. Go outside of corruption and give the finger to the two parties and exit. Join local organizations; can be found on FB. Understand we have no choice, as the burden on The People’s shoulders is unprecedented. We cannot survive four years of Trump. And if we do go down the path of extinction, it will be as free People and as we decide. So either way we go, we go. If, and fuck yo oligarchical plans either way too. And #resist