The Manufacturing Revolution is at Hand: Fight for Our Future and That of Future Generations. #DemExit Now.

If we want to progress toward an enlightened society, with responsible capitalism and a safety net, because it is in the nature of capitalism to have people fall of the economic ladder, we must provide the people with the tools they need to get back on the economic ladder and to be able to climb.

Right now, we have Predatory Capitalism and all that will lead to is feudal slavery and corporate and banking Oligarchy.

If we unite and get rid of these fascist scum, in these two imploding parties, and let them implode, we can pave the way for a manufacturing revolution that will create jobs and an apple pie standard of living for everyone domestically and globally.

There is now the ability to have a manufacturing revolution, but it requires responsible capitalism to allow for it. If we don’t annihilate ourselves with nukes, or if we don’t make ourselves extinct, the advancement of technology, computers and robotics will make manufacturing efficient and all our lives pleasant as a result. Jobs would consist of overseeing all aspects of productive, efficient, fast and even instant manufacturing that will provide all we need locally.

If we stand up to the fascist elitists and their puppets and end their pro-corporatist, Predatory banking, and run our mixed economy as we are supposed to, one that benefits People and sovereignty of nations, not corporations, The manufacturing Revolution will indeed happen quickly, and there will be no need for global logistics anymore; because every single thing we need can be rapidly produced and manufactured locally.

As a direct result of the. manufacturing revolution, localities would become independent and would naturally transition away from money. People would instead be rewarded for their contributions and labor, by being guaranteed an Apple pie standard of living at minimum. And labor would also be rewarded with more, because labor would no longer reduce itself to be enslaved by monetary wages; instead labor would equal to what IT is worth. So labor can be reward beyond the guaranteed standard of living to whatever the individual goals of a laborer achieves — by the fruit of his or her or Izzes contributions and/or labor.

As localities become independent and self-sustaining, there would no longer be a need for centralized government. Instead, we would naturally evolve into independent, self-rule. This paves the way for federations instead of a centralized government, because local efficiency and sustainability will no longer need or require centralized government but would require self-rule. This would change us from being responsible capitalists and would change our social democracy into simply becoming anarcho-syndicalists. Anarcho-syndicalism is what Noam Chomsky advocates.

This is the future. And if we fight for it, it will be free of fossil fuels. Alternative energy will allow humans to live in harmony with earth. Considering we have entered Earth’s 6th Extinction, it will extend our time on earth and that of our descendants, for hundreds, if not thousands or even millions of years if we also devise a way to cool off our planet ourselves and “fix” the damage our CO2 trapped gasses have done to our atmosphere by somehow releasing that shit. Lol. If we don’t, we go extinct in less than 40–50 years. I don’t have kids. But I owe it to my nieces and nephews and we owe it to future generations who did not ask to be born. They are our responsibility and we need to hold those accountable that would deprive the future of existence, like these fascist elitists and their fascist Hegemony and their fascist wars for the petrol dollar and their fascist parties and their fascist puppets and their fascist propagandist media.

Global Warming is just Earth doing what it does on its axle. It always heats and cools, helping plant life and trees etcetera. When it is warming it means we are actually heading into an ice age. The last mini ice age was in the Middle Ages. Global warming is guaranteed to happen. But it is the 3% that we contribute its to it, that is making us and other life extinct. Earth will be fine, and the mess we made on earth will just be buried by rock. etcetera, as if humans were never hear. But we have now gone from 3% and added half a degree to global warming. That has. doomed island nations and Florida. Wtf people aren’t moving from Florida is beyond me. Florida is lost to us and will be the First Atlantis.

If we go up another a half a percentage more, we will see a diaspora unlike we have never imagined on earth. That is why these fascists created a think tank based in London. That is why we are militarizing euro police. The DOJ and The White House call this program “Smart Cities” and they have begun global collaboration in four of our cities. When I brought this up, a friend accused me of being misled by right-winger propaganda. I told his ass that shit is right there on the White House site for everyone to read and to infer from it what they will and discern for themselves. To me, it is obvious. The reason “Smart Cities” exist is for the fascist agenda of controlling mass diasporas when their use of fossil fuels take us as far as it will go. And so it is this think tank that will decide what

Populations get the green light to be refugees and which don’t or what individuals do and which individuals don’t. Their fascist asses claim it is to fight “extremism.” Sure. And I’m the frigging Easter Bunny.

I will not be complicit to fascism or fascists. I will fight it until my last breath if I have to. Fascist candidates and fascist puppets and fascist elitist Masters and fascism itself is not an option but must be obliterated.

There is too much at stake to be complicit to that shit. We must unite to fight it. And Bernie is not doing any favors by looking out for his political buddies in the DNC. I love Bernie and I support him, except when it comes to his silencing us about election fraud and holding Treasonous rat bastards and two Treasonous political parties accountable. Or his swaying The People into “cleaning up” the DNC or “firing all the DNC” and voting “down-ballot” to fix it. Wtf is the DNC even allowed to be in Congress right now? Why is that party still around? Oh, yeah. Idiocracy and spineless hypocritical keepers of the status quo. The time is now to grow a Spine and join a third party or declare oneself an Independent. We are witnessing the implosion of the two party system and we must let it implode, not “fix it.” Too much to do to waste time on “fixing” corrupt fascists. You fix fascists by putting their Treasonous asses in jail or by getting rid of them via firing squad. #DemExitNow