Bernie makes me cry. He not only managed to get The People to see the surface level of corruption and to know it’s impossible to know just how deep it goes but that it is frigging deep. And from the bowels of that cesspool in DC and across this land comes fascism. And Bernie, who understands that he is the only one giving the indigenous and minorities a political and economic voice for the first time in our nation’s history, has walked the tightrope, to be able to stay in that cesspool of corruption we call congress, to represent. He had to go where people complain about or else he wouldn’t be able to do what he does and represent. And there he is representing the Sioux Nation, the water protectors and The People. it makes my throat hurt when I think of how hard he works and how he never gives up and how he stands to power and how he stands to evil and how he stands for all The People. He does it with grace and dignity and to straight the point. I have never truly loved a politician that great except for Lincoln. Lol. But Bernie is the greatest politician there ever existed. He was even threatened and Julian Assange confirms it; yet there he is, saving us and the world from extinction — being our voice.

If leadership is to come from outside, it will be spiritual leadership and guidance by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. They know more than anyone else what we stand to lose. And leadership, as far as might, shall come from our vets, who understand the enemy is at home, and from our military, who heed the call to protect The Constitution and The People.

This is it. Leave the two fascist parties and join the water protectors and our vets and The People to reclaim our government and hold fascists accountable.

If you keep participating in your own domination and by extension the domination of The People, then you are a fascist sympathizer. It is treasonous too. Think about where you stand in the grand scheme of things, because it is literally The People vs. Fascists.

Fascism is taking hold and we cannot allow it. What these fascist parties are doing cannot continue, because it is not sustainable.

We stand at an unprecedented crossroad in recorded history. This is a March so that we don’t go extinct. The greed of elitist knows no end and they will not stop unless we stop them.

If you think that you can fix the DNC, discern this: fascism is not an option and neither are fascists. Fascism is the marriage of government and corporations or government and the state. They have hijacked our elections. They have hijacked our government. They have their lobbyists right the law and their puppets sign where they tell them too. This is why fascism cannot be cleaned up. It is a disease taking hold and rotting the rotted even more and spreading its roots everywhere. Soon it will grow tentacles that will wrap around our necks the moment nothing remains of the middle class; that is when the clear divide of the have and The have nots will be clear. And that is when our feudal enslavement begins.

Right now everyone that has a mortgage is under water and 66 percent of Americans are under the poverty line. One in five children go without food and shelter. And here is Paul Ryan, telling Americans, who 24/7 are feeling the financial squeeze and pressure on our daily lives, that they are defunding K-12 Lunches? Wtf!

When every single person, supporting these two fascist parties understands that they are being led to their own enslavement, to their own extinction and to their own annihilation, and by extension dooming everyone else to that too, their loyalty along party lines will cease. Right now, many are sticking their heads in the sand because of convenience. It is easier to think you will fix the problem from within. Not facing the facts that fascism cannot be fixed but must be obliterated. The fact that fascism is fascism should be enough for everyone to leave. Why aren’t they? Because of familial and social pressures and the brainwashing inherited that one must be loyal to their parties. Or for selfish reasons like thinking about their political careers. Or self-deception is just easier for the weak to cope. I have no respect for the spineless.

Let me paraphrase Orwell to see how far my empathy for spineless keepers of the status quo goes: Walking the path of truth and acknowledging it, in a time of mass deception, is not easy. Just speaking truth is a revolutionary act. It is easier to allow these fucking fascist to not be held accountable for their treason in selling us out to foreign interests that have already created thousands of pipe lines and will continue to create thousands more if we do not stop them. These fascists keeping their seats in the senate and the house in DC and everywhere else don’t care and don’t tell that this crude leaks daily. They don’t tell, when there are spills, that these spills are not cleaned up but are literally covered with sand and the EPA says it is safe to swim in that water, drink the water, live by or near said water, and declares there is no more spill. In the meantime, our fellow Americans are getting sick and developing symptoms and seizures and dying. If it weren’t for a oil industry whistleblower, who used to be in charge of those spills, who quit because of it and used his own money to document what is actually happening, who has all this on video and has been following this for three years’, with his camera, we wouldn’t know this. As I write this he is putting it all together so that the people will witness the truth of how our government uses us as collateral damage and betrays us by selling our public land to create frigging pipelines. And this being the Information Age, this has become knowledge except for those who willingly stick their heads in their hands or willing choose not to be informed because it is easier to pretend their was an election and that the people that were chosen for their asses are in fact elected. But they weren’t.

The election must be nullified. The truth has come to light by the fascist DNC itself. We witnessed the election fraud, the voter suppression, the illegal electioneering, the cheating at caucuses, the corrupt DNC state officials and national officials, the destruction of ballots, the flipping of votes, blatant election fraud by getting people, who aren’t even registered to vote to stand in a caucus on the Clinton side. We learned that the mass media is not just corporate owned and biased, but that the media is complicit with elitists, working at a level of ideas that has people participating in their own domination. We now 100 percent know that the media is propaganda, because they blatantly don’t care that we know. The machine just keeps turning and the corrupt have halos on their heads. We know now that this is a dictatorship and a police state. We see abuse of power against The People. We see overreach past Orwellian proportions. We see our Republic has been taken hostage. Who is We? The People. We see wtf they are doing and why. We see they want us to trust them and we know better because we see what all these mofo fascists are doing and are up to. It is the keepers of the status quo who refuse to see, and the idiocracy that just laps all that brainwashing up, that are taking this country to hell in a hand basket and I have no fucking patience for it. This is the Information Age. You don’t get sympathy and empathy for me. You are either with The People or with fascists. If you can’t discern this or claim it is not black and white like I’m saying here, well, not when it comes to fascism. I will fight fascism and fascist sympathizers because fascism must be obliterated. Fascists must be held to account and fascism destroyed. And all the status quo sympathizers and all the idiocracy that does not want to understand this and does not educate themselves about it and still keep their heads in the sand or keep watching the mass media, well, they can go to hell in a hand basket but the fuck I will or my nieces i my family.

Leave the two fascist parties! Do not participate in your own domination and everyone else’s by extension! If you stay discern what you are. I’ll even give you a hint: you are a fucking fascist sympathizer who refuses to see there is no parties we were loyal too anymore. They are fascists. They have been corrupted. The parties are imploding and you keepers of the status quo and the idiocracy are the cause of Fascism taking hold. Stop doing it. Stop fascism. Don’t be an obstacle for fox sake.

The time has come to choose. Domination by oligarchs and feudal slavery and annihilation and extinction? Or ending fascism here and abroad and get back on track, with responsible capitalism, toward that enlightened society we should have been at by now if it weren’t for greedy old men planning for a one world order for oil.

Let blind loyalty end now by leaving the parties en masse, by demanding the nullification of a corrupted election, and accountability. The parties are imploding and we are going to let them implode by abandoning that sinking ship. There are more of us than there are of them. The vets know the enemy is at home. So will the military soon enough. And they swore to protect The Constitution and The People from enemies foreign and domestic. The enemy is at home.

What is happening in Flint is genocide. What is happening at Standing Rock is a violation of a treaty with the Sioux Nation and our constitution and violence by the police state against The People and The Sioux exercising their right to defend our water. What is happening with immigration is a violation of a treaty with Mexico.

The election was not an election but a mockery of The People’s attempt to exercise their democratic rights. The world sees it, so do Those who did not vote or who voted third party. The status quo and the idiocracy are herded still. Unbelievable. No. Trump was not elected nor Hillary. He eve said so himself; Election fraud. He is not guilty of it, but those in his party are. Clintons are electioneering, racketeering Criminals and war criminals. There is no frigging way that they are going to get away with anything. Why? Because the truth cannot long be hidden. And those who follow the oath of truth, as hard as it may be, can see what they are doing and we demand accountability for it because WE NOMINATE; WE RULE this republic. They may have taken our Republic hostage by killing democracy. But We The People have sent a lion to Washington, Bernie, who does represent us. And We The People will follow the water protesters and our vets and we will throw fascists in the trash and hold them accountable.

If you think our water protectors and vets and informed Americans are going to allow the idiocracy and keepers of the status quo be herded into allowing this corruption and insult to The People and all the harm that has and is being done to just be swept under the carpet, well, you either get your head out of the sand or. keep ignoring by sticking your head in the sand to do whatever agenda or reasons you have to do what you do. But once these treasonous rat bastards are held to account for their treason against The People, I’m pretty sure that sympathizers will face the firing squad too. So choose wisely.

This is The People vs. Fascists. And dingalings still belonging to either party for whatever stupid-ass or selfish reasons, who choose to support these fascists and the two fascist parties and the fascism taking hold, well, they will be held to account.

Get out of those two parties now. And Like Snowden said, “Be ready. But don’t worry. There are more of us than there are of them.”

The time has come to be the change you need to see. And that starts now. Discern your reasons for staying. I say bury that crap. Nothing justifies supporting or sympathizing with fascists. Let those stupid reasons be buried and do the right thing; be for The People not for fascists. It starts now with Standing Rock. Follow truth, respect all beings/species, save humankind and humanity from the evil that greedy elitists do just because they have another fucking planet to go to and we don’t. Wake up, grow a spine, and do your part. Leave the DNC or GOP. Let them implode without your support.