Is your ‘power bank’ fully charged? Your Portable Power Bank.

Yes na, that small device that allows you to store electrical energy and later use it to charge up your mobile phones.

Just like depositing money in a commercial bank and later withdraw it when in need of it.

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t have the physical ‘Portable Power Bank’, I don’t have 1 either. But I think we should have ‘Life Power Bank’.


Hon. Psalm, try to be serious at least for once, what is ‘Life Power Bank’ again?

Just as we store electrical power in our physical ‘Portable Power Bank’ because we acknowledge the fact that we might need to charge our mobile phone(s) where/when there’s no electrical power, so, we should acknowledge the fact that we are not Island.

We all need somebody!

Human beings are not configured to be independent. So, be humble and move faster in life by leveraging on your network.

Ask for help when you need one. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or ineptitude. It only shows how wise and strong you are.

But, of all the people around you how many of them can help when you ask for help?

How are you depositing in their lives? I mean, what are you doing for them now that could make them help you when you place a demand on them?

Invest wisely, invest in people! Invest in them today with what you have, you might need what they have tomorrow.

Be there for someone today even if you will not need them later. After all, it is better to have what you don’t need than to need what you don’t have.

The funniest thing is, most people don’t need your money, they just need to know you are committed to them. So, invest in your future; recommend someone for a promotion today. Tell him about the opportunity. Put the call through on her behave. Show him the way. Tell them about Jesus Christ. Talk to someone about your friend’s business. Give them a call. Ask someone how you can be of help.

My name is ATOYEBI Samuel (, people call me Hon. Psalm and I’m a Statistical Consultant at DSK Statistical Consult Ltd. (