Series of Navarasika Prakriti and Purusha
Details of Adbhuta Rasa

After a long practices I just decided to produce some new forms and styles in contemporary art world.Perhaps, some artist were working with hard mediums but my way was totally different from them.I just made it sure and studied deeply about Indian Traditional Stylizations with it’s theoretical part.The detail explanations of every Bibhangas and Mudraas in Bharatnatyaam and Natyashashtra both became resources of my subject.I just tried to did that which never happened before.After learn about the form I breaked the form.I creted the series with a long lasting material.

These series I created based on a concepted.It is not only about Rasa or Emotions also about the Prakriti and Purusha according to old Indian Philosophy .It is not only about spiritualities but also about it contained Prakriti as female and Purusha as male.Prakriti containing the power of Panchabhutas and Purush as its Adhar or container.

Here, Prakriti devided herself in Navarasika rupas and Purusha containing her.The concept described through Traditional Indian Dance forms and mudras.

Details of Veera Rasa
It is studio time…..works are in process
Haasya Rasa with it’s details
Roudra rasa details from four side
Sringaar rasa with its bhava
Santha rasa with positions

As the creator of these series I really enjoyed the process and progress of the work.I also passed through deep tensions and physical labour according to these work but an amazing experiences and excitement continue pushed me for it.When all emotions blened inside of my heart then each of the emotions produced for the world.

Bibhatsa rasa ….from each side
Rasa Vayanaka…..with expresions and mudras
Almost ready for display……little-bit have to do
Karun Rasa….with all it’s sadness
Purusha in adhar or Baravaya Mudra…

Everything explaining is not possible only the plasure possible to feel in deep of heart, it gives more and more than other happyness. Every feelings are minimum in front of it.As an artist only I can express it in my silly lamguage.

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