The ‘difference’ story

Once upon a time, the world looked grave.

Shouting “go back home” and shooting was in headlines; twitter fumed with fire; Asking for head of people who did not agree with the popular believes was commonplace; Call for peace was met with threats; all in all, the unconscious was at the helm.

As if to prove an old saying around “drought and sinners”, the monsoons gave a miss. Cracks on earth started to get deeper and wider all along race, country, color, religion and ideology. Politicians, smelled gold in those cracks and started digging them deeper.

Now that the stage is set, back to the story :-

Once upon a time; not long ago, myself and a philosopher friend of mine stepped into a Cafe.

Ice-cream at the corner house on a Sunday night was way too sweet so we needed to grab a cup of strong coffee.

It was almost the closing time, the Cafe owner shouted across to confirm it is still possible to make some.

Then he turned towards me and asked “Are you an artist…”

“Who is not an artist?” Said my philosopher friend.

“Kinda, I do some art but I am also into meditation and spirituality…”. I tried to describe myself — more of an explanation for having long hippie hair and beard which must have prompted the question in first place.

To this, Person at the counter extended his hand and said “Well, I am an Atheist.” 
“Great”, I shook his hand. Felt as if we have something in common.
Describing about his time in Australia before he moving to Bangalore and setting up Cafe, he collected the money for the coffee.

Then he said — “I was reading somewhere”, “All gods are man’s creation”

“Alright; is that so” said I. It resounded well with what enlightened seers declare — “I am THE creator!!”; “Anal Haq” ; “Aham Bramasmi”
If man is the creator in his highest potential, he could create anything including himself or god!

For next ten minutes or so, we were all having good conversation about communism, god and life. Smile and laughters were still intact.

Each one of us not only came from different state of mind, literally we came from different states and we had different languages; Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Communist-Hotlier-Athiest, Educationist-Philosopher, Artist-Spiritualist - we lived very different life and one would think we belonged to different worlds. The different attributes we carried did not seem to hinder the good conversation however.

While we were sipping coffee, the owner got up, went inside and fetched a piece of ripe water melon. Placing it on the table, he said “Offered with Love”

That was usual gesture for a busy, self service Cafe owner. It did not even seem absurd to have some watermelon with strong coffee.

Finally, we bid adieu. Not before him inviting us to visit again and saying “lets all sit sometime and talk!”

Image: Ikhlasul Amal, Flikr. License:

Juicy watermelon was melting in our mouth on a summer evening. In that very moment, something very powerful had transpired. 
That evening, the taste of love and fundamental human connection made all the other apparent differences of ideology, language, states look insignificant; so very insignificant.

Living together in the world with people of different views and background was that simple. The world did manage to cheer-up a bit on a Sunday evening.

All it needed was a piece of ripe Watermelon with Love!!