The Facebook

This social network is like something that was written by the science-fiction writers few decades ago, but they missed some parts of the vision. No chips in our brains, but we have in our pockets. Facebook connects us and changes our communication. It makes possible to find and reach a forgotten friend anywhere on the planet, allows us to chat with a never seen person who has the same hobby as we, shows us articles that are relevant to our interests, and extends our knowledge and opportunities by its features.

Facebook is an organism. Everybody who joins to this network impacts the whole system, thereby our future. Maybe it can be used to do bad things, but our mission is to find a path to use our resources (and evolving technologies) in a good way. Constant fighting with misinformation and scams is a part of our life.

Privacy is different than that we knew a decade ago. World is becoming more open and we have to learn to live in this vibrant new environment. Everything will be visible.

We are connected through the Facebook mobile apps anywhere, anytime. The information reaches us in real-time or time-shifted manner depended on our preferences. In the near future the augmented reality will take our information system to the next level.

Facebook continues to evolve.

I’m curious.

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