Let’s Candy

Today, we’re excited to unveil Candy, the best way to understand the world and create your own concepts by revealing the connections between ideas. Add to Chrome today to start exploring.

We want you to never ever again feel uneasy for the fate of the content of open browser tabs, we’d like you to meet all new ideas open-mindedly, and preserve them in meaningful, lasting ways, to let them be your inspiration when seeking a solution to a problem. Forget the struggle with the maze of folders, re-reading pages just to have a piece of data at hand again, or emailing links to yourself as a last resort.

Candy will help you save and organize information in threads in order to explore connections or to find possible solutions. Just as if you were assembling your own playlist of tweets and corresponding blog posts, the YouTube video reflecting on them, and the best paragraphs from the editorial covering the whole story.

Take a look and get a taste of Candy.

Grab the point. Keep the flow.

Save anything you find important on the web. Select what really matters to you in texts, pick the most provocative statements from the Verge’s Google I/O review, save Jim Carrey’s tweet on the Fight of the Century, or log Janet Yellen’s latest comment on the stock market.

Key information will be put on cards to have only the essence in front of you, to let you work with it and organize it, and to help you make choices and decisions fast and easily.

The cards are called Candies.
Your sweet spots on the web.

Design is simple, clean and intuitive. Beneath the cards, all other relevant
information gets recorded and it all becomes searchable too.

“Cards help fix people’s desire to migrate across the web, as they shift attention quickly from one thing to another.” techcrunch.com: How Cards Are Quietly Transforming The Web

Connect the dots.
Create your own story.

Whether you are analyzing the communication of peers, listing café racer designers, collecting inspiration for creative concepts, or just pondering where to save some thought-provoking articles delivered by the algorithm running your newsfeed, once you’re done with collecting the details, you’ll need a surface to see them together and to arrange them as best fits you until all pieces fall together.

We believe, Candy will be of great help to you in understanding something new more quickly, with more success and fun. We’d be delighted to learn how you make use of it. Do get in touch with us, we appreciate all feedback.

We know you need a solution that works on all your devices. The Candy Chrome extension is just the first step, there’s much more to follow soon. Stay tuned.

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